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Expanding the Saga Kids Catalogue with new Indian titles from Storyweaver.

During the last year Saga has grown their children’s catalogue with hundreds of distinct titles from Storyweaver, and we’re going to be releasing more this year! 

In 2015, Pratham Books created the digital platform Storyweaver with the mission to put a book in every child’s hands, ensuring that nothing keeps kids from the stories they need, no matter where they are in the world. Acting as an online archive, Storyweaver is home to more than 40.000 storybooks across 310 languages.

Saga is pleased to be involved in bringing these narratives and beautiful illustrations to a wider audience. 
“A lot of children in Europe and America have never read a book from an Indian author. I’m happy that we have been able to bring voices that often go unheard to children in our core markets” comments Keith Gray, Rights Coordinator at Saga. 

These books in both eBook and audiobook formats provide the kids in our target markets with the opportunity to discover and explore new countries, cultures and traditions in a simple and understandable way, helped by the stunning illustrations which truly spark imagination.

Check out our top five audiobooks and top five e-books below – the perfect short stories for kids! 

We all known that policemen need many skills to keep them ready and on their toes for their difficult job! Listen along to this story to hear about the many lessons cadets need to learn about policing and life. 

When the moon doesn’t rise from the sea one night, it is up to Maisha and her friend Uchli the flying fish to find her. But how can they look for the moon without any light, could you help Maisha find the moon?  

Trouble is the naughtiest dog in the whole village, but Trouble’s missing! Listen along, and see if you can help Abhi look for her? 

Mahatma Gandhi and his followers have decided to march to Dandi to protest against the unfair salt tax imposed by the British. 9-year-old Dhani who lives at the Sabarmati Ashram wants to go too. This tale captures the spirit behind the momentous event that inspired millions of Indians to join the struggle for Independence. 

The underwater world is a noisy place. Read all about some of the strongest, largest and loudest singers under the sea — whales! 

Sooraj and his grandma LOVE inventing! Join them on their latest adventure: using simple machines to make coconut barfi! It may even stir up the creative spirit to see what machines you can make at home!

What should Bhavya and Paati eat today? Bhavya’s favorite dish, of course – rainbow sambar! Join Paati and Bhavya for some colourful and delicious lunchtime fun. 

One day, Tara and Arun discover an old newspaper in their grandmother’s attic. They open it and embark on a historical adventure about a magic mango seed and a little boy who tried to telegraph it from India to London. Grab this read an come along on a magical journey through time!

Pishi was a huge manta ray fish. Normally he would swim in the Indian Ocean, but one day he was caught in a big storm. Wounded and far from home, help came from an unexpected corner. Dive into this book for a dramatic story of the day the storm raged in the Indian Ocean. 

Why can’t bees work quietly? Is there a reason for the bees to buzz so noisily? Learn about the work of the humble bee in this book. 

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