Introducing the Saga Premium Classics Collection

You’ve probably heard of Jane Austen and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, their status as legends is thanks to their dynamic yet witty and satirical storytelling. Writing during a time where women were denied the right to vote, these authors carved out a literary landscape for feminist critique of the male-dominated society.

You may have read these novels before, but not like this. A must for your TBR list! 

Breathing new life into these iconic works 

In collaboration with the most brilliant and talented actresses, we have created brand new narrations to these cult-classics and we can’t wait for you to hear them! 

Working with Adjoa Andoh and Rosy McEwen has been an exceptional experience. These female narrations perfectly bring the characters to life and create an immersive listening experience.  

We enjoyed the audio so much that we have decided to give you a sneak peek! Watch this behind-the-scenes clip of Adjoa Andoh narrating Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’.  

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Not only have we worked on new narrations to these renowned novels, but we have also developed brand new covers for these stories! Check out these fun, vibrant and colorful covers to the timeless classics below. 

In this new audio edition, acclaimed ‘Alienist’ actress Rosy McEwen delivers a spellbinding performance bringing a modern and fresh touch to this trailblazing novel.  

The story follows Vandyck ‘Van’ Jennings and two explorer friends as they venture out in to unexplored territory in search of a lost ‘female only society’. When they happen upon the female utopia, they are eventually captured and held within Herland.  

 What follows is a journey of epic proportions, in a beautiful otherworldly city, vividly brought to life by Gilman’s penmanship. Gilman explores the inherent stereotypes of women each of the men have, before breaking them down one by one. It is a gripping adventure with a stunning depth of world building, character design and powerful social commentary.  

An incredible piece of feminist literature – this is an absolute must for anybody interested in iconic literature and early feminist works. Also perfect for fans of DC’s ‘Wonder Woman’!  

Rediscover one of the greatest love stories of all time as ‘Bridgerton’ actress Adjoa Andoh  delivers a captivating performance, bringing the characters to life 

Without a male heir, the Bennett family risks losing their entire fortune when the patron, Mr. Bennett, passes. To save the family, the sisters must marry – and most importantly, marry well. It is in this predicament that we find the smart and spirited Elizabeth Bennet. Despite pressure from her family, Elizabeth is determined to live and marry on her own terms. The arrival of the haughty, wealthy Mr. Darcy who is impervious to her charms, begins a timeless comedy of manners, and endless drama, where first impressions are just not what they seemed. 

Pride and Prejudice is a cult classic, with over twenty million copies sold, and numerous screen adaptations, most notably the Oscar nominated film starring Keira Knightley.  

Take a listen to this timeless classic with a masterful narration 

‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ follows a series of journal entries made by a woman diagnosed with hysterical tendencies by her doctor husband. Prohibited from working or writing, she is confined to the nursery of an old New England Colonial mansion to recuperate. Trapped in this room with barred windows and sickly yellow wallpaper, the narrator begins to feel the room come alive and evolve around her.  

The wallpaper is animate, shifting and writhing, changing before her in the moonlight. There has to be someone in the walls – she knows it.  

This classic has gone on to inspire numerous plays, films and TV adaptations such as an episode of the Twilight Zone “Something in the Walls”. This story highlights the struggle women face in a man’s world, where their few rights can only allow them to write. This is a must-read for any Sylvia Plath fans. 

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