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The Saga 2021 Round-up: 12 books to add to your TBR list immediately

It’s a brand new year and there are lots to look forward to in 2022 but it’s also time to take stock of all the fabulous things that happened in 2021. So here’s a round-up of the top audiobooks from 2021 that we published. Last year Saga brought you books across all genres, featuring both fresh and well-known voices. 

From laugh-out-loud narratives to thought-provoking storylines, we’ve got you covered this year too –these picks will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Take a look at our list of the top 2021 reads, perfect inspiration for what to read each month this year!  

  • Nominated for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Romantic Comedy Novel Award 2021    One Winter’s Night’ by Kiley Dunbar

  • Inspired by the rivalry between media moguls Rupert Murdoch and Robert Maxwell, this fast-paced and suspenseful thriller is full of status, corruption, and deceit guaranteed to captivate  – ‘The Fourth Estate’ by Jeffrey Archer 

  • A captivating, best-selling thriller bringing together past secrets, lies, and heinous crimes to shock us all – ‘The Chinese Twin’ by Sarah Engell 

Download the full title list below.

It’s autumn in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and twenty-something Kelsey Anderson has moved from her Scottish home to live in the beautiful town. Her Shakespeare tour guide days behind her, she’s now happily working as a photographer and totally loved up with American actor boyfriend Jonathan – even if long-distance relationships are hard.  

When best friend Mirren moves down from Scotland, Kelsey is delighted to have her friend at her side – and as the nights turn colder, Mirren throws herself into dating the eligible bachelors of Stratford, until she finds herself growing closer to journalist Adrian.  

But as Mirren uncovers a long-buried scandal while working at the local newspaper, it seems that her big scoop might throw Kelsey’s – and Jonathan’s – life upside down. Will she choose her career over her friends’ happiness?  

This light-hearted and contemporary romance is perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan, Carole Matthews, and Holly Martin. 

First published in 1937, ‘For you Convenience’ has been hailed as the first queer city guide. Seemingly it is a guide to where a gentleman may find ‘relief’ in the metropolis after ‘three cups of tea’, for those ‘in-the-know’ – the information held between its pages offers a much more tantalizing prospect. 

Now faithfully reproduced for the first time in over eighty years, this fascinating book works as both a wry and playful slice of social history as well as a fascinating insight into the perils and pleasures of a most specific activity for men who loved men.  

The book could be enjoyed as an entertaining guide to London’s public conveniences, but yet to our more sceptical eye it is patently a guide to where men could meet like-minded men in an era where homosexuality was illegal. It remains a Queer Classic today! 

Check out this behind the scenes clip of the talented Barnaby Edwards in action! 

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Lubji Hoch escapes from the Nazis, moves to Berlin, and changes his name to Richard Armitage. After a successful career in the British Army, he takes over a struggling newspaper and with unrivaled ruthlessness begins building his media empire. 

Meanwhile, Keith Townsend, the son of a millionaire and Oxford-educated, returns to Australia from London to take over his father’s newspaper with similar ambitions. 

As both men move their quest for power to the world stage, they realise they are more than a match for one another’s brilliance and ambition. Their rivalry leads them to the brink of financial ruin and finally to the ultimate showdown where one will become the world’s most powerful man, and the other will succumb to tragedy. 

Take a listen to this brilliant narration by Jonathan Aris, known for his work in ‘Sherlock’, the ‘Night Manager’ and ‘Good Omens’. 

A prophecy condemns him, a goddess binds him, but what will set Odysseus free? 

Young Prince Odysseus is about to have his world torn apart. He has travelled to the oracle at Pytho to be anointed as heir to his island kingdom, but instead a terrible secret is revealed, one that tears down every pillar of his life and marks him for death. 

Outcast by his family and on the run, Odysseus is offered sanctuary by Athena, goddess of wisdom, and thrust headfirst into the secret war between the gods. But can his wits, and his skill as a warrior, keep him ahead of their power games – and alive? 

Gods and mortals collide in this spellbinding retelling of a legend from classic Greek mythology, the first in the epic Olympus Trilogy. 

This is the story of Lucy and Paul. They met. They fell deeply in love. They got married.  
Lucy thought that she had everything she wanted. 
Until she found the photograph, the text messages. 
Until she uncovered Paul’s secrets.  

Now Lucy realises she doesn’t really know her husband. She doesn’t know if she can trust her own mind.
She doesn’t know the lengths Paul would go to keep his perfect life. 

And worst of all, she doesn’t know that she’s in danger… 

The love of your life might be in your phone… or he could be standing right in front of you. 

When Fran meets Ollie, it’s eye-roll at first sight. But forced into working together at a trendy media content agency, they soon realise that they could be BFFs.  

When Fran’s relationship crumbles and Ollie sets off on a round-the-world trip with his girlfriend, Fran decides to start an anonymous dating column. Detailing all the perils of dating online, Fran begins to wonder: maybe there aren’t plenty more fish in the sea?

But Fran’s about to learn that when you put down your phone, you can find love where you least expect it.    

Perfect for fans of Mhairi MacFarlane, Laura Jane Williams and Sophie Ranald

A buried corpse disappears. A child is kidnapped. A woman suddenly vanishes. The only clue – mysterious Chinese symbols; left behind at each of the crime scenes in a provincial town in Northern Denmark. 

In the eye of the storm is Eva. After suffering a deeply sorrowful tragedy – where her long-awaited daughter is stillborn – Eva is fighting to get her life back on track together with her husband who recently, and inexplicably, became paralyzed and is now unable to take care of himself. In an attempt to escape her grief, Eva embarks on her own investigation to find out who is behind these violent crimes. And why. It turns out, the past will play a chilling and completely unexpected role…. 

Check out our interview with Sarah Engell: Sarah Engell Interview | In Depth 

The gentleman burglar and criminal mastermind, Arsene Lupin, returns in five new adventures. Paris’ very own “Prince of Thieves” is once again on the loose, armed with his trademark wit and charm. Constantly one step ahead of the police and his nemesis, Inspector Ganimard, Lupin solves a few mysteries, saves a few damsels, and even manages to pocket a small fortune for himself. 

‘The Two Hundred Thousand Franc Rewards!’, ‘The Wedding Ring’, ‘The Sign of the Shadow’, ‘The Infernal Trap’, ‘The Red Silk Scarf’ and ‘Shadowed by Death’ from ‘The Confessions of Arsene Lupin’ are daring, fast-paced and a whole lot of fun. 

Perfect for fans of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allan Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin. 

Gothenburg policeman, Dennis Wilhelmson, decides to take a peaceful trip to his quiet childhood island, Smögen. Everything changes when the body of a young man is found in the habour basin and an old friend of his is missing without a trace. Dennis is launched into the biggest murder investigation the area has ever seen.  
Enter Sandra Haraldsson, a young ambitious and very straight forward police aspirant.  
This was definitely not the calm and harmonious summer Dennis had been planning for himself to recover.

But can Sandra heal his heart while they take on the investigation?  

Grace thought she had it all. Living in a beautiful village along with her husband Mark and son, Archie, she had devoted herself to being the perfect mum and wife.  

Until that fateful day when she walked in on Mark kissing his secretary – and her perfect life fell apart. Now she’s a single mum, trying to find her way in life and keep things together for Archie’s sake.  

Grace’s life needs a shake-up, and fast! So when gorgeous gardener Vinnie turns up on her doorstep, she might just have found the answer to her prayers… 

Roman scout, Silus, is deep behind enemy lines in Caledonia. As he spies on a raiding party, he is abruptly discovered by an enemy chief and his son. Mounting a one-man ambush, everything quickly goes wrong and Silus must run for his life, the head of the enemy leader in his hands. Little does he know the price he will pay…  

As Silus is inducted into the Arcani, an elite faction of assassins and spies, he must return to Caledonia and risk everything in the service of his Caesar. The odds don’t look good. But failure is not an option.  

A blood-soaked and unputdownable thriller set in Ancient Rome, anchored in detailed historical research, perfect for fans of Ben Kane, Conn Iggulden, and Robert Fabbri. 

At a young age, Ruby gives up talking. Her mother isn’t always around to notice; she comes and goes and goes and comes, until, one day, she doesn’t. Silence becomes Ruby’s refuge, sheltering her from the weather of her mother’s mental illness and a pressurized suburban atmosphere.  

Plangent, deft, and sparkling with wry humor, Somebody Loves You is ‘a truly enriching read’ in the words of Salena Godden.  

Watch our interview with Mona Arshi: Mona Arshi Author Interview | In Depth 

For more information about these titles, or our full English catalogue contact Nadia on – nadia.lamond@sagaegmont.com or simply book a meeting.

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