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Top 10 Audiobooks for sticking to your New Year’s Resolution

Hoping to make 2022 the best year it can be? That may start with the New Year’s Resolutions you set for the year! 

These audiobooks will help you develop skills and abilities to support you in reaching your resolutions – regardless of whether you’re looking to start a journey of fitness, meditation, or journaling. All of these audios can support you in achieving your resolutions and so much more in life. 

Take a listen to the lessons of these audiobooks that you can carry with you well beyond 2022. 

  • A Bestselling Book in Europe, now translated into English – ‘Clout’ by Jesper Klit 
  • A special E Motion-audio download based on the Human Givens approach to emotional healing and mental health‘Achieve Life Goals’ by Andrew Richardson  
  • From a certified trainer in the D.I.S.C Personality Profiling system and author of over 20 books and audio programs- ‘Goal Setting’ by Randy Charach

Download the full title list below.

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not easy to reach our resolutions and goals on our own – it’s okay to ask for help. This audio delves into the importance of seeking support as a way to reach our goals and boost our well-being. Providing real-life stories, interviews and practical tips, the book embraces the mindset of making a positive change in one’s life and finding new strength through collaboration with others. 

Brought to you by a leading networking strategist, Andy Lopata, this is for those unable to ask for help and to encourage everyone to do so in their time of need.

Mike George, an experienced and entertaining speaker on the subject of stress management, offers important insights into the nature and causes of stress. He shows us how to turn stress into success with a series of practical suggestions for stress management and prevention in any situation. 

Self-confidence comes naturally when you use your resources and capacities more effectively. And the most important of these are your emotions. 
In this audio, you will learn how to strengthen your emotional capacity. This will enable you to meet you essential emotional and physical needs and live a more balanced life. You will become more self-confident without really noticing that you are and without really trying. 

Brought to you by one of America’s top mind-menders, Randy Charach, this audio will help you develop these organization skills and set you on a path to achieving your goals. This audio will have you meeting your resolutions in no time! 

Anxiety can become a frequent, unbearable and unwelcome visitor that torments both physically and emotionally in various areas of your life. We know it’s overwhelming and a challenge to deal with. This audio will teach you how to control you anxiety and gently guide you out of anxiety, and into inner peace and tranquillity. 

Oftentimes in western society, the push to be optimistic and to think positive is drilled into us from a young age. However, if one is beginning to become more mindful, the transition to mindfulness may feel a little jarring. Instead of focusing just on the positive aspect of life, mindfulness encourages a realistic outlook on life that embraces the good and the bad, the positive, the negative, and the neutral. And this is where our audiobook begins, starting off by learning about this effective way of living that has been used successfully for centuries. Mindfulness meditation is all about using your thoughts to be present in the moment and crafting the world that you want to live in. 

Improve your sales skills with this self-hypnosis program. Gain more self-confidence, become a better salesperson, and win all the sales awards.

By removing the barriers and limitations to your success placed by yourself and others, you will be given the tools to succeed in your chosen field of sales.

A phobia is a strong irrational fear that induces high levels of panic or anxiety, and often results in complete avoidance of certain situations or circumstances. This is your natural self-defense mechanism – the fight-or-flight response, reacting to psychological fear and worry instead of real physical danger.  

This audio will introduce you to the rewind technique, which is designed to correct these faulty templates so that the fight-or-flight response is only triggered in the event of real danger. 

Goal setting can help you when it’s aimed towards getting essential emotional and physical needs met in a balanced way from your environment. 

This audio will teach you about new understandings of what it really means to be human: what makes us all tick as individuals, and why we sometimes experience emotional difficulties. You will also learn what to do about it – setting goals that enable your needs to be met, and to use your resources in the right way to achieve these goals. These needs and resources are our human givens, the givens of human nature. 

And what will then happen as you find more balance in your life is that the emotional difficulties you may be experiencing (for example depression, anxieties, addictions, obsessions) will tend to fade. 

Learn as the author shares some of the invaluable tools, lessons and methods he has picked up during the decades of experience he has from working as a communications consultant, TV journalist and media lecturer.  

An entertaining and honest guide to speaking publicly. This audio will teach you how to effectively get your message across to other people. An opportunity for you to be introduced to the seven effective habits common among the world’s best communicators and learn how to cut through the fog and get the attention you deserve. 

For more information about these titles, or our full English catalogue contact Nadia on – nadia.lamond@sagaegmont.com or simply book a meeting.

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