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New Books From Saga this February

Looking for a new book to read? Get your calendar out and mark the dates for these fab new book releases!  

This season Saga will introduce you to some new voices while reacquainting you with the familiar ones you’ve been missing! We’ve got everything from romance and crime to a thought-provoking literary debut. 

Here’s why you should make sure to include these new books in your relevant carousels and thematic lists:  

  •  “With assured narrative, a vivid sense of place and atmosphere, and flint-sharp dialogue, Jon Ransom has written a novel that is bleak and brutal, but never sentimental.. utterly authentic and cruelly beautiful” – Matt Bates – The Whale Tattoo by Pauline Rowson 
  • The fourth in the ‘Hiverton Sisters’ series, perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Trisha Ashley and Cathy Bramley. – Something New at the Borrow a Bookshop by Kiley Dunbar  
  • Her novels have sold over 70,000 copies, with over 3,000 5-star reviews. – The Family Business by Alex Kane

See the full list of metadata by downloading below.

The Whale Tattoo by Jon Ransom

Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 9788728280638 
Narrated by Luke Francis 
Publication Date: 3rd February 2022 

When a giant sperm whale washes up on the local beach and tells Joe Gunner that death will follow him wherever he goes. Joe knows that the place he needs to go is home.

Having stormed out two years ago, it won’t be easy. Nor will returning to the river alongside the house where words ripple beneath the muddy black water washing up all sorts of memories and disturbing prophecies. Joe turns to his sister, Birdee, the only person who has ever listened and to Tim Fysh, a local fisherman and longtime lover – but reviving their bond leads to trouble.

Joe tells himself that the whale’s predictions are wrong but the river is relentless. As the waters settle, Joe learns the truth and finds that all of us can hate, but we can make a choice not to.  

A novel for fans of ‘A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing’ by Eimear McBride, ‘Peach’ by Emma Glass and ‘Box Hill’ by Adam Mars-Jones.  

Read more: Jon Ransom on the genesis and journey of writing his debut novel ‘The Whale Tattoo’

From Ireland with Love by Liz Hurley

Format: Audiobook 
ISBN: 9788728134986 
Narrated by Imogen Wilde 
Publication Date: 1st February 2022 

Listen along and follow the exploits of sister Nick Byrne. Independent, sensible, and hugely successful in her career – Nick seems to have it all. But when an investigation into her company is launched, Nick feels her world start to crumble, and finds herself wondering what her father would do. Struggling to cope with her new situation, Nick decides to take a trip to Ireland to rediscover herself. But will she end up finding more than she bargained for?  

Heart and Hand by Rebel Carter

Format: Audiobook 
ISBN: 9788728043912 
Narrated by Sara Novak 
Publication Date: 1st February 2022 

It doesn’t take long for Julie Baptiste to realize she yearns for more than the non-stop engagements and niceties dictated by New York high society. So, she decides to do something bold and answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride in Gold Sky, Montana. 
Ex-Union soldiers Forrest Wickes and William Barnes have been inseparable since the War. They share everything, including the desire to find a wife. A woman who is willing to marry them both and provide the isolated town with a much-needed teacher. 
When Julie arrives in Montana the three of them must figure out how to navigate the boundaries of their new lives. Can Forrest and Will come together to provide what Julie needs and protect the heart of the woman who’s made her way intimately into theirs? 
Heart and Hand is a romantic and passionate MFM romance and Book 1 in the Gold Sky Series. Check out the rest of the series – now available on Saga Egmont.  

The Family Business by Alex Kane

Format: Audiobook 
ISBN: 9788728281406 
Narrated by Angela Ness 
Publication Date: 24th February 2022 

Donnie Black. Charming, successful… and utterly terrifying, he rules the Glasgow underworld with an iron fist. Nothing – or no one – will stop him and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty to grow his fortune. 

Layla Black. She’s been married to Donnie for twenty years, enjoying the lavish world he has worked hard to create. But behind the perfect image Layla is crumbling, numbing her pain with alcohol. But Layla doesn’t know the secrets Donnie keeps – and the truth will send her spiralling. 

Louise Bellshaw. She’s young, beautiful and innocent. She’s charmed by Donnie’s sweet words, and believes she’s found true love. But Louise doesn’t know her dream man has plans that will turn her life into a nightmare. 

As the three collide, no one can predict how family ties will turn to bloodshed. Because you’ll do anything for the ones you love, won’t you? 

A dark, twisty and totally gripping thriller set in the heart of Glasgow gangland – fans of Mandasue Heller and Kimberley Chambers won’t be able to put this down. 

Worth Waiting For by Tilly Tennant

Format: Audiobook 
ISBN: 9788728278086 
Narrated by Hilary MacLean 
Publication Date: 10th February 2022  

At 27, Ellie’s life revolves around telling other people’s stories. As a go-getting journalist for the Millrise Echo, she’s always tuned into the latest goings-on. But covering school fundraisers and shopping trolley thefts has started to lose its shine. Ellie loves her hometown, but with the serious lack of romantic prospects and a career that has stalled, she’s beginning to wonder if she should try her luck in the big city after all. Until she hears about a story that definitely has something special… 

Soulful musician Ben was heartbroken when his girlfriend, the love of his life, Gemma, walked out on him without a word. But rather than mope around the house he’s decided to make the grand gesture, and a bunch of flowers just isn’t going to cut it. Ben has set up camp on Gemma’s street and is determined to stay there, in the freezing February weather, until she realises how much he loves her and that he will do anything to make her happy.  

The story has everything Ellie loves – broken hearts, old-fashioned romance, a rather handsome man – and she decides to do everything she can to help Ben get Gemma back, including taking his story to the national news. But as Ellie and Ben join forces to reunite him with the girl of his dreams, could their story lead them somewhere more unexpected? 

A perfect feel-good romantic read that will make you laugh and cry. Fans of One Day in December, Lucy Diamond and Jill Mansell will be totally enchanted by this heart-warming tale. 

For more information about these titles, or our full English catalogue contact Nadia on – nadia.lamond@sagaegmont.com or simply book a meeting.

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