Australia Day 2023

Australia day

Australia Day is on the 26th January and is almost upon us. So lets celebrate our Aussies with a thematic list with titles by Australian authors, or set in Australia.

This list includes audiobooks and eBooks, fiction and non-fiction.

  • Written by famous Australian poet Banjo Paterson, with a film adaptation in 1982 (The Man from Snowy River featuring Kirk Douglas & Sigrid Thornton) grossing 50 million AUD world-wide. – B. J. Harrison Reads The Man from Snowy River and Other Poems’ by Banjo Paterson
  •  Perfect for fans of family dramas like ‘Dynasty’ and intriguing films like ‘The Bling Ring’ – ‘The Sisters’ by Kate Forster
  •  With over 7,000 copies audiobooks sold, best-selling author – ‘The Fourth Estate’ by Jeffrey Archer

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“The Man from Snowy River and Other Poems” is one of the best known collections of poems by Banjo Paterson and was published first in 1895. It includes 48 poems which are described by Rolf Boldrewood as “the best bush ballads”.
From horseback pursuits, through romantic views of rural life, and humorous incidents with a drover of sheep, “The Man from Snowy River and Other Poems” will give you the possibility to immerse yourself into Australia’s nature and feel its different and colorful sides.

Lubji Hoch escapes from the Nazis, moves to Berlin and changes his name to Richard Armitage. After a successful career in the British Army, he takes over a struggling newspaper and with unrivalled ruthlessness begins building his media empire.

Meanwhile, Keith Townsend, the son of a millionaire and Oxford educated, returns to Australia from London to take over his father’s newspaper with similar ambitions.

As both men move their quest for power to the world stage, they realise they are more than a match for one another’s brilliance and ambition. Their rivalry leads them to the brink of financial ruin and finally to the ultimate showdown where one will become the world’s most powerful man, and the other will succumb to tragedy.

Based on the rivalry between media moguls Rupert Murdoch and Robert Maxwell, this fast-paced, suspenseful thriller full of status, corruption and deceit will captivate fans of Archer’s blockbuster Kane and Abel.

In 1954 the Australian writers Charmian Clift and George Johnston left grey, post- war London for Greece. Moving first to the tiny island of Kalymnos they then settled on Hydra and stayed for almost a decade.

They bought a picturesque, dilapidated house and Charmian grappled with the chaos of domestic life, the arrival of a third child and the clash of cultures. On Hydra they became the centre of an informal bohemian community of artists and writers which later included Leonard Cohen.

A travel writing classic, available for the first time in 20 years. With a new introduction by Polly Samson this is the companion volume to Mermaid Singing.

Richard Trenchard was a man used to having his way, so when he wants his sister to pass over her secretary Melanie Brooks as a companion to his young niece, she has to succumb to his will. When Melanie turns up late to their first meeting, he is not happy. Yet things slowly begin to kindle between the two, and she has to acknowledge the romantic surroundings that Richard keeps placing them in – the English countryside and the Australian Alps – are the perfect setting for a budding love affair.

A must-read for fans of literary romance and surprising twists of fate.

Did you know that images of the mind shape how we think, feel and behave? The way we frame scenarios has the power to impact our attitude and actions. But what if we could consciously choose to cast things in a positive light?

Equipping you with the tools you need to harness the power of mental imagery, ‘Imagine’ will help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. With Dr Lydia Ievleva’s extensive experience incorporating mental imagery with a wide range of athletes, business and health professionals, her tried and tested advice will allow you to take back control. Featuring case studies and practical tips to set bitesize goals, forging the right mindset has never been so easy.

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