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April’s coming in hot! We’ve got some cosy crime, romance, high-quality historical adventure, and gritty British crime and mystery. 

Here’s why you should make sure to include these titles in your relevant carousels and thematic lists:  

  •  Over 50K reviews on Amazon and over 24K reviews on Goodreads across the series. – ‘The Royal Hotel Murders’ by Pauline Rowson 
  • The perfect feel-good cosy romance series with an Amazon #1 Best-sellerSomething New at the Borrow a Bookshop by Kiley Dunbar  
  • This stunning debut by award-winning author is the perfect book-club-read – Temper by Pheobe Walker 

See the full list of metadata by downloading below.

Temper by Phoebe Walker

Format: Audio
ISBN: 9788728572634
Narrated by Melissa Vaughan

“There’s a gap where my sense of place should be. It’s quite a useful one sometimes. It allows me to sit on the cusp of an opinion.”

Following a move to the Netherlands, a young woman dissects the developments of her new life: awkward exchanges with the people she meets, days spent alone freelancing in her apartment, her confrontation with boredom and unease.

In her newfound isolation, she develops an unusual friendship with Colette, a woman she neither likes nor can keep away from. As her feelings of dislocation grow, larger anxieties about her purpose – or lack thereof – begin to encroach. And underneath it all, a burgeoning frustration bubbles.

The Royal Hotel Murders by Pauline Rowson

Format: Audioboo
ISBN: 9788728529379
Narrated by Colin Mace

Perry Jackson and his team are filming a new TV series about wrecks in the Solent and staying at the large and luxurious Royal Hotel on Portsmouth’s seafront.

Shortly after they’ve checked in, Jackson receives a series of threatening phone calls telling him to watch his back and you’ve been warned. Horton thinks it’s a publicity stunt to promote the new TV show.

Meanwhile, at the Rest Haven Nursing Home, Mrs Kingsway says she’s been assaulted by an intruder, but there’s no sign of a break-in. The staff thinks she’s lost her marbles, but her son wants action from the police.

And now a man in diving gear is found dead in Oldham’s Wharf. Several of his fingers are missing.

The pressure is on. Detective Horton’s deep in a web of intrigue, deception and corruption that stretches back into the past. Can he find his way back and stop a killer?

Death In The Cloisters by Valentina Morelli

Format: Audiobook & Ebook
ISBN: 9788728062609
eISBN: 9788728062579
Narrated by Sara Alexander

Hazel has never felt normal. Struggling with OCD and anxiety, she isolates herself from others and sticks to rigid routines in order to cope with everyday life. But when she forms an unlikely friendship with Virginia, a church minister, Hazel begins to venture outside her comfort zone.

Having rebuilt her own life after a traumatic loss, Virginia has become the backbone of her community, caring for those in need and mentoring disadvantaged young people. Yet a shocking accusation threatens to unravel everything she has worked for.

Told with warmth, compassion and gentle humour, Braver is an uplifting story about the strength that can be drawn from friendship and community.

Something New at the Borrow a Bookshop by Kiley Dunbar

Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 9788728500910
Narrated by Helen Duff

A fairytale ending isn’t just for fiction…

The Borrow-a-Bookshop is recovering, seven months after the winter flood that destroyed all its wares. When newest resident Joy Foley arrives in Clove Lore with her daughter, five-year-old Radia Pearl, she is set to drag the Bookshop into the 21st century by virtue of her tech expertise.

But Joy has a secret. She is on the run from Radia Pearl’s father. She can’t settle down here or anywhere… So when Radia Pearl befriends Monty Bickleigh, ex-fisherman and the new cook at The Siren’s Tail pub, Joy finds herself growing closer to him and the quirky community of Clove Lore.

With her heart softened by the magic of Clove Lore, can Joy’s new friends – and Monty – be enough to convince her to stop running away?

Empire’s Edge by Damion Hunter

Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 9788728501221
Narrated by Andrew Kingston

Loyalty to your people. Loyalty to Rome. Only one can remain…

Centurion Faustus Valerianus has already proven his bravery and skill, marching alongside Julius Agricola for six gruelling years to conquer the north of Britain. But that was just the beginning…

With Agricola back in Rome, Faustus is given a new mission: to journey to Hibernia with exiled Irish prince Tuathal Techtmar and help him reclaim his rightful throne.

But victory is a fleeting thing, and back in Caledonia, fears grow that the land won so convincingly may soon slip away as Rome’s control and influence are at greater risk than ever before.

When events cascade towards a devastating battle, Faustus must finally come to terms with his heritage, resolve his complicated love for a British woman, and lay his father’s shadow, still haunting him from the afterworld, to rest, once and for all.

Will Faustus emerge victorious once again?

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