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Titles to DIE for!

We reached beyond the veil and summoned our scariest Halloween collection. NOT for the faint hearted, titles to DIE for.

This haunting list contains horror, ghost stories, supernatural, historical fiction and psychological thrillers.

  • ‘Dark, compelling crime writing of the highest order’ DAILY MAIL – Into The Woods
  • A best-selling thriller by a famous, Danish author – The Chinese Twin
  • Winning critical acclaim and several awards – The Nurse: Inside Denmark’s Most Sensational Criminal Trial

In the early hours of March 2015, the police receive a call from a nurse at a provincial Danish hospital. She suspects her colleague is deliberately killing patients and fears that it has just happened again.

Soon, several witnesses reveal that they too suspect the same nurse of poisoning patients; some have been harboring their suspicion for years… so why has no one done anything about it before? And now that those patients’ bodies have long been cremated, where is the evidence?

To this day, the nurse, Christina Aistrup Hansen, maintains her innocence. Is this an example of small-town gossip snowballing out of control, or a sinister case of serial sociopathic harm?

If you go into the woods, you’re in for a dark surprise.

Thirty years ago, three girls followed a stranger into the woods. Only two returned. The surviving pair have never been able to remember what happened or what the fate of the third girl was. Local rumours talk of hippies and drugs and mystic rituals, but no one has learned the truth.

This story is just what Rowan Blake needs. He’s in debt, his journalistic career is in tatters – as well as his damaged body – and he’s retreated to the Lake District to write. Yet even Rowan isn’t prepared for the evil he is about to unearth, for the secrets that have been buried in that wood for far too long…

“Green Tea” tells the haunting story of a man plagued by a demonic monkey. The unnamed narrator, a trained surgeon who can’t practice because of the loss of two of his fingers, is organising the papers of his deceased mentor, the famous German physician Dr. Martin Hesselius. In doing so, he stumbles upon a strange case, dating back sixty-four years.

“I see dead people”. So said the little boy in the Hollywood Blockbuster ‘The Sixth Sense’, starring Bruce Willis. The little girl in Frances Burnett’s ‘The White People’ doesn’t put it quite like that, but she does have the same special gift. She too sees ghosts, and she refers to them as the white people, because that’s what they are to her.

Iris Caldwell and Nell Ryland were never meant to be friends. From two very different backgrounds, one the heir to the Caldwell estate, the other a humble vicar’s daughter. Both have their secrets, both have their pasts, but they each find solace with one another and soon their futures become irrevocably intertwined.

Until May Day 1912, a day that haunts Missensham. The day two girls disappeared. The day the girls were murdered.

Now, many years later, old footage has emerged which shows that Iris Caldwell may not have died on that spring morning. The village must work out what happened the day the girls went missing…

A thrilling four-part short-story collection about a family murder. Seen from the eyes of the most innocent of the family, the reader realizes that he might not be so innocent after all.

A buried corpse disappears. A child is kidnapped. A woman suddenly vanishes. The only clue – mysterious Chinese symbols; left behind at each of the crime scenes in a provincial town in Northern Denmark.

In the eye of the storm is Eva. After suffering a deeply sorrowful tragedy – where her long-awaited daughter is stillborn – Eva is fighting to get her life back on track together with her husband who recently, and inexplicably, became paralyzed and is now unable to take care of himself. In an attempt to escape her grief, Eva embarks on her own investigation to find out who is behind these violent crimes. And why. It turns out, the past will play a chilling and completely unexpected role…

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