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There’s something truly special about reading a book that delves into the world of literature and the love of reading itself. These books about books provide an opportunity to explore the joys and challenges of the written word, as well as insight into the experiences and motivations of other book lovers.

So whether they’re an avid reader or simply looking for inspiration for their next literary adventure, we hope this post will introduce your readers to some delightful reads that celebrate the magic of books about books.

  • A debut novel with a prequel in the works, both perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare‘s The Shadowhunter Chronicles and for lovers of time travels romance like Outlander The Book Boyfriend by Jeanna Louise Skinner
  • With over 1,900 reviews on Amazon and a rating of 4.4 out of 5. ‘Every bookworm should read this book. It’s just delightful and my heart feels so happy!’ – The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday by Kiley Dunbar
  • Written by a prize-winning author and approved by Booktrust: Getting Children Reading. – Read Between the Lies by Malcolm Duffy

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The Book Boyfriend by Jeanna Louise Skinner

Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 9788728043998
Narrated by Kate Bass

Emmeline (Emmy) always dreamed of being an author, finding comfort in words and between the pages of her beloved romance novels, but a mental health diagnosis leaves her blocked and unable to write.

She inherits a crumbling, second-hand bookshop from a mysterious old friend and soon discovers that magic is real and maybe her fantasies about the heroes in her favourite historical romances aren’t so far-fetched after all..

A handsome stranger–wielding a sword as dangerous as his Tudor past–appears in Emmy’s bookshop asking for help. Together they must race against time itself to lift the curse imprisoning him in an ancient book. But when growing threats to her safety are proved real and not another symptom of her illness, Emmy must learn to trust her own voice again.

The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley

Format: Audiobook & Ebook
ISBN: 9788726472318
eISBN: 9788726553598
Narrated by J. M. Smallheer

“The Haunted Bookshop” is a so called “bibliomystery” (a mystery story set in the world of books) from 1919. It is the story of the eccentric owner of the Haunted Bookshop, Roger Mifflin, who some readers might remember from “Parnassus on Wheels”. This second-hand, Brooklyn bookstore is “haunted by the ghosts of all great literature.”

It is set around the time of the end of World War I. A young man, Aubrey Gilbert, stops by the shop, trying to sell Mifflin advertising copy. He fails but is intrigued by the proprietor. Later, a certain volume mysteriously disappeared from Mifflin’s shelves. This is a lively and often humorous tale. It is full of intrigues and is generously sprinkled with liberal doses of Mifflin’s unique philosophy on literature and book selling.

The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday by Kiley Dunbar

Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 9788728353196
Narrated by Helen Duff

Jude Crawley should be on top of the world. She’s just graduated as a mature student, so can finally go public about her relationship with Philosophy professor, Mack.

Until she sees Mack kissing another girl, and her dreams crumble. And worse, their dream holiday running a tiny bookshop in the harbour village of Clove Lore for two weeks is non-refundable.

Throwing caution to the winds, Jude heads down to Devon, eager to immerse herself in literature and heal her broken heart.

But there’s one problem: a mix-up means that six-foot-tall, brooding (but gorgeous) Elliot has also reserved the bookshop holiday for two weeks. Jude and Elliot are forced to put their differences aside to run the bookshop and it seems that Jude might be falling in love with more than just words. Until she discovers what Elliot is running from and why he’s hiding out in Clove Lore…

The House of Marvelous Books by Fiona Vigo Marshall

Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 9788728477144
Narrated by Matt Addis

Tucked away in a near-derelict library in the center of London, The House of Marvellous Books is a publishing house on the brink of financial disaster.

With assistant Ursula asleep at her desk, head publisher Gerard going health and safety mad, and chief editor Drusilla focused on finding a supposedly priceless but famously missing manuscript, there is hardly anyone left to steer the ship. Young Mortimer Blackley, assistant editor, charts the descent of the House in his logbook as it lurches from one failure to the next.

Will mysterious Russian buyers, lurking in the wings, stop the ship from sinking at great cost to all? Or will Drusilla find the legendary Daybreak Manuscript and save the day?

With witty and sharp observations, Fiona Vigo Marshall draws upon a career spent working in small publishing houses to create a laugh-out-loud ode to the publishing industry.

Tucked away in a near-derelict library in the center of London, The House of Marvellous Books is a publishing house on the brink of financial disaster.

Read Between the Lies by Malcolm Duffy

Format: Audiobook
Audio ISBN: 9788728287118
Narrated by Alex Wingfield & Sam Stafford

Two boys, one struggle. A new family, an uncovered secret.

Tommy and Ryan are as different as they come. Tommy is a young offender, he’s tough and he’s cool. Ryan is a good student, well-behaved, and definitely not cool. Forced to become a family, the two discover their shared dyslexia and develop an unlikely friendship.

As Ryan helps Tommy to read, a secret is revealed that will change their lives forever.

Prize-winning Malcolm Duffy’s third novel explores the joys and challenges of dyslexia in a story full of his hallmark heart and humour. For 12+.

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