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The Nurse spent weeks on Global Most Watched list

Netflix thriller series The Nurse has spent several weeks on Netflix Weekly Top 10 lists of the most-watched TV and films since it was released at the end of April . And like most good film and tv, it’s based on the book The Nurse, written by Danish journalist Kristian Corfixen. 

The award-winning true story of a Danish nurse who was convicted of attempted murder of patients captures viewers and readers from all over the world. The binge-worthy book is available in Dutch, German, Swedish, Finnish, English, Polish, Spanish, Italian and French as e-book and audiobook.


“The Danish series is a roaring success abroad.”

Danish Newspaper, Ekstrabladet, article 9th of May 2023

Read the book behind the captivating true story

Get inside of Denmark’s most sensational criminal trial in Kristian Corfixen’s book: A compelling and deeply disturbing case that continue to thrill true crime fans and give the rest of us chills. With thorough research and extensive source material – including medical records, autopsy reports, text and email correspondence, and police reports – Corfixen tells the true story of the events. 

The book includes testimonies from key players in the case, including the convicted nurse. Was the nurse a victim of small-town gossip or did she in cold blood commit a crime to get attention? 


A remarkable piece of legal history.”

Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten wrote in a review about the book.

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