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All you need is love – Barbara Cartland is the undisputed Queen of Romance

Barbara Cartland, the undisputed Queen of Romance, has created one of the greatest bodies of work in the history of literature. Her books have captured the hearts of readers worldwide, making her the third best-selling author of all time, with over one billion books sold globally. Even today, her stories continue to be avidly read and cherished by fans across the globe. Saga Egmont publishes her titles in 15 languages, such as English, Spanish and French.

Cartland’s novels transport readers to the finest English circles and exotic locations, where love ignites fiercely between passionate heroes and beautiful heroines. The settings are richly described, adding an enchanting allure to the romantic narratives. 

The “Barbara Cartland Universe”

What truly sets the Cartland Brand apart is its tone of voice, which exudes optimism and positivity. Barbara always strove to establish a deep connection with her readers, fostering a sense of hope and inspiration. Even in the face of adversity, her heroines display unwavering courage and bravery, navigating through love’s challenges with determination. Barbara firmly believed in the profound impact of the written and spoken word, using her stories to convey messages of hope, love, and optimism. 

In summary, Barbara Cartland’s impressive literary achievements, her ability to captivate readers with her romantic tales, and her unwavering commitment to spreading a positive message make her a true icon in the world of literature. Her legacy continues to shine brightly as her timeless stories resonate with audiences around the world. 

“The Audacious Adventuress” is a part of The Eternal Collection and can be read in English, Swedish, Italian, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish and Danish.

The Eternal Collection

The Eternal Collection is a timeless treasure trove of thrilling romantic adventures. Every title’s guaranteed to set your readers’ pulses racing and transport them to a place and time where love conquers all. Perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley and Julia Quinn

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