New Releases for March


March brings us modern and contemporary fiction, cosy crime, classic horror, as well as police procedural crime and mystery.

Here’s why you should make sure to include these titles in your relevant carousels and thematic lists:  

  • Awarded PEN Translates award by English PEN, and has been translated into seventeen languages.- ‘The Polyglot Lovers’ by Lina Wolf
  • Over 900 reviews on Amazon. – ‘Shadow of the Eagle’ by Damion Hunter
  • Over 28,000 reviews on Amazon and over 14,500 reviews on Goodreads across the series. – ‘The Solent Murder Mysteries’ byPauline Rowson  

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Ellinor is thirty-six. She wears soft black sweatpants and a Michelin Man jacket. She fights. Smart and unsentimental, she tries her hand at online dating, only to be stranded in a snowstorm with a literary critic.

Cut to Max Lamas, an author who dreams of a polyglot lover, a woman who will understand him in every tongue. His search takes him to Italy, where he befriends a Marchesa whose old Roman family is on the brink of ruin. At the heart of this literary intrigue is a handwritten manuscript that leaves no one unaffected.

One foggy December night, Detective Inspector Andy Horton is called to the site of a burning boat on Horsea Marina. He finds a charred body onboard.

The autopsy reveals startling evidence of foul play. The victim was Tom Brundall, a wealthy financier from Guernsey. And Tom had terminal cancer. What made him sail back to his hometown of Portsmouth? And who would kill a dying man?

Horton is determined to find out.

But then another body is found and Horton is forced to confront the past. Not just the victim’s, but the mystery surrounding his own mother’s disappearance over thirty years ago.

As the pieces of the puzzle begin to unravel, it becomes clear that Horton is up against a deadly adversary who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming out.

Can Horton catch a killer and find out what happened to his mother all those years ago?

Hazel has never felt normal. Struggling with OCD and anxiety, she isolates herself from others and sticks to rigid routines in order to cope with everyday life. But when she forms an unlikely friendship with Virginia, a church minister, Hazel begins to venture outside her comfort zone.

Having rebuilt her own life after a traumatic loss, Virginia has become the backbone of her community, caring for those in need and mentoring disadvantaged young people. Yet a shocking accusation threatens to unravel everything she has worked for.

Told with warmth, compassion and gentle humour, Braver is an uplifting story about the strength that can be drawn from friendship and community.

When a brilliant doctor’s experiment goes wrong, a dangerous pursuit of separating good and evil follows…

Tucked away in the dark and murky streets of London, a lawyer finds himself investigating strange incidents between his old friend Dr Henry Jekyll and the reclusive Edward Hyde.

Although seemingly nothing alike, the two are more similar than what meets the eye…

When Bunny Carter, the old lady from the Manor House, is discovered in an open grave, Sophie Sayers is sure it’s a case of foul play. But when it comes to suspects, she’s spoiled for choice.

One of Bunny’s squabbling children from three different husbands?

Petunia Lot from the Cats Prevention charity, always angling for a legacy?

All these and more had motive and opportunity.

But who is to blame? And can Sophie and her boyfriend, village bookseller Hector Munro, stop them before they strike again?

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