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5 New Books from SAGA this December

Are you looking to revitalize your December reading plans? We have got the perfect picks for you. 

This month we’ve got stories ranging from modern and contemporary takes on everyday life to political thrillers charged with conspiracies. This season SAGA also introduces you to some fresh and new voices, while breathing new life into well-known works.  

Here’s the lineup for what will be available in December, be sure to mark your calendars! 

  • Debut novel from an award-winning choreographer – The Rainbow Conspiracy by Stuart Hopps
  • The perfect audio for your romantic fix – packed with passion and plenty of steamy scenesNew Girl In Town by Rebel Carter 
  • Over 20k ratings and 700+ reviews on Goodreads – Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer

See the full list of metadata by downloading below.

Dive into this suspenseful read and count the seconds as the clock ticks away during a hostage situation. 

One ordinary Wednesday morning, Inspector Hannah Kaufman is unexpectedly called to Stockholm South Hospital, where she’s confronted by a far from ordinary event. Armed men are inside the children’s hospital, threatening to kill one child an hour if their demands aren’t met. 

Follow Hannah and her colleagues as they face a dramatic hostage situation with enormous media attention. 

For fans of Ian Rankin, James Patterson and the popular Netflix show ‘Money Heist’. 

It is the mid-eighties and successful theatrical agent Clive Spoke embarks on a quest to find the truth about his ex-lover’s early death. Travelling to the US he uncovers a devastating and destructive conspiracy aimed at the burgeoning gay community. 

Could the government really be involved? 

Just three weeks before the election, the leader of the Democratic Party is seriously injured in a car accident. This catapults the party into a grubby power struggle between the parliamentary group chairman and the political spokesman. Only one of the two will be taking over the future leadership of the party.  

Past events, malignant arm-twisting and document forgery are all used in their efforts to reach the very top. Here everyone is a pawn in this high stakes game of political chess where even the journalists covering the Danish parliament have their own agendas.  

Enter young, ambitious journalist, Ulrik Torp, who is made Dagbladet’s correspondent in Parliament – an opportunity of a lifetime.   

But Ulrik gets caught up in the power struggle of the parties two successors and slowly uncovers a cynical plot that involves the country’s incumbent Prime Minister.  

Obsessed with learning the truth Ulrik must slowly watch as his ideals crumble and is eventually forced to take action himself…  

Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.  

Great for fans of Borgen, House of Cards and Narcos. 

When Aurora divorces her abusive ex, she is daunted by the prospect of starting over at 37 and decides to move to small-town Colorado to be closer to her best friend. Less than 24 hours after leaving sunny California, Aurora is stuck in a blizzard on a perilous mountain road wearing little more than her hot pink sandals and wondering whether this was such a great idea after all.

Things start to look up, when help arrives in the form of Grant St. John – he’s handsome and charming, but also has an annoying habit of calling her “sweetheart”. Ergh. And hold on a second, surely she’s misreading the signs because this gorgeous guy can’t be flirting with her…here, in the middle of a snowstorm. Can he?

Sparks fly between the pair right away and the connection between them is intense – there’s just one problem. Grant is ten years younger than Aurora.

Will the decade between them force them apart, or is age really just a number?

‘New Girl in Town’ is a passionate romance novel from exciting author Rebel Carter. Book 1 & 2 in the New Girl Series is now available at Saga Egmont.

Separated at birth by a desperate nurse who loses a millionaire’s son to cot death, twin boys grow up without any knowledge of the other. 

Nat Cartwright lives with his middle-class birth parents and grows up to becomes a war hero in the Vietnam War before returning home to run for office in the Republican party. 

Fletcher Davenport becomes the only son of the millionaire couple. After graduating from Yale, he builds a reputation as a prolific criminal defence lawyer before he too delves into politics as a Democrat. 

Though their lives are entwined, and perfectly mirrored with tragedy and betrayal, neither men meet until one must defend the other for murder. 

Take a listen to a fresh audio version of this bestselling novel – brilliantly narrated by Broadway and West End actor Michael Brandon, best known for playing James Dempsey in the 1980’s television crime drama, “Dempsey and Makepeace”.  

For more information about these titles, or our full English catalogue contact Nadia on – nadia.lamond@sagaegmont.com or simply book a meeting.

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