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31 scandi-crime titles to make your readers scream


Welcome to the chilling world of scandi-crime, where the icy landscapes serve as an ominous backdrop to some of the most riveting and mind-bending murder mysteries.

Here’s why you need to include these titles in your relevant carousels and thematic lists :  

  • A miniseries adaptation of this award-winning true-crime account debuted on Netflix in April 2023 and by May was on Netflix Global Most Watched list! – The Nurse: Inside Denmark’s Most Sensational Criminal Trial by Kristian Corfixen
  • ‘It is one of the best Swedish crime novels I’ve read in years… impossible to put down.’ – Camilla Läckberg, author of the Fjällbacka and Faye series, with more than 26 million copies sold worldwide) – Femicide: the new shocking Scandinavian thriller (Vanessa Frank, 1) by Pascal Engman 
  • From the bestselling Danish author, Michael Katz Krefeld, this is a gritty Scandi Noir crime thriller, perfect for readers who just can’t get enough of hit-series ‘The Bridge’ or Netflix’s ‘The Chestnut Man’ – Darkness Calls: An Inspector Cecilie Mars Thriller by Michael Katz Krefeld  

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White Lilac by Cecila Sahlstrom

Format: Audiobook & Ebook
ISBN: 9788728018453
Narrated by Carolin Stoltz

As summer descends on Lund, a picturesque university town in southern Sweden, students eagerly await their summer break. But when a young woman is found brutally beaten in Lund City Park, a dark shadow looms over the city. As suspicions arise over the discovery of a mysterious white lilac in both victims’ hands, Chief Inspector Sara Vallén is assigned to the case – until her son becomes the main suspect.

To clear her son’s name, Vallén embarks on her own investigation, but will she uncover the true identity of the perpetrator before it’s too late?

Black Notice: Episode 1 by Lone Petri

Format: Audiobook & eBook
ISBN: 9788726325584
eISBN: 9788726325553
Narrated by Olivia Mace

Black Notice is a crime story told in five parts. Partly based on actual events, Black Notice tells the thrilling story of the international hunt for a ruthless serial killer.

In a sleepy seaside town outside Copenhagen, a strange light at the bottom of the harbor has the police call in a military diver with a speciality in wet crime scenes. Deep down in the dark water sits a car with the dead body of a young woman in the driver’s seat. She has a long cut in her lower abdomen.

Copenhagen Police’s Felix Jørgensen is on the case, and his new deputy Kathrine Nymark gets thrown in the deep end on her very first day on the job, when it becomes clear that a brutal murderer is on the loose.

The Nurse: Inside Denmark’s Most Sensational Criminal Trial by Kristian Corfixen

Format: Audiobook & eBook
ISBN: 9788726813142
eISBN: 9788726813456
Narrated by Colin Mace

In the early hours of March 2015, the police receive a call from a nurse at a provincial Danish hospital. She suspects her colleague is deliberately killing patients and fears that it has just happened again.

Soon, several witnesses reveal that they too suspect the same nurse of poisoning patients; some have been harbouring their suspicion for years… so why has no one done anything about it before? And now that those patients’ bodies have long been cremated, where is the evidence?

To this day, the nurse, Christina Aistrup Hansen, maintains her innocence. Is this an example of small-town gossip snowballing out of control or a sinister case of serial sociopathic harm?

Femicide: the new shocking Scandinavian thriller (Vanessa Frank, 1) by Pascal Engman 

Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 9788728209776
Narrated by Sofia Engstrand

When a 25-year-old woman is found dead in Stockholm, detective Vanessa Frank knows that there is more to the case than meets the eye. And when Vanessa finds herself on the trail of a dangerous internet community who call themselves ‘incels’, her world starts to unravel.

These ‘involuntarily celibate’ men have fostered hatred towards the women who turn them down, and now women are turning up dead. But can Vanessa prove the connection, and is she ready to risk her life to do so?

Darkness Calls: An Inspector Cecilie Mars Thriller by Michael Katz Krefeld 

Format: Audiobook & Ebook
ISBN: 9788728298480
eISBN: 9788728297254
Narrated by Zara Ramm


Late one night, newly promoted Inspector Cecilie Mars makes a fatal choice that has far-reaching consequences. Her misstep has been captured on film, and now an anonymous figure threatens to reveal everything unless she follows their cunning plan.

Drawn into a sinister scheme involving blackmailing and vigilantism, Cecilie is forced to consider just how far she is willing to go to ensure justice. At the same time, it slowly dawns on her that the unknown figure might not be so unknown after all…

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