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The Gothic Cosy Crime you never knew you needed!

cosy crime

The Historical Mystery with a gothic, witty and totally enthralling take on the classic cosy crime genre.    

Step into the darkness as M.R.C. Kasasian, acclaimed British author of mystery and crime, plunges into the chilling waters of cosy crime fiction in the captivating “The Horror of Haglin House” – the 1st book in his new series. 

Here’s why you NEED to know about ‘The Horror of Haglin House’:  

  • “The Horror of Haglin House” is the ideal read for fans of “Miss Marple”, Anthony Horowitz’ “Magpie Murders” and Oscar De Muriel’s “The Strings of Murder”. 
  • Perfect for your cosy crime and historical mystery lists and carousels. 


Jilted thriller writer, Lady Violet Thorn, escapes the city to the small town of Montford where she can write in peace. When a series of dead bodies begin to surface in this supposedly sleep town, Violet suspects that the eerie Haglin House, which lurks on the outskirts of town, and its mysterious owner are somehow connected to the crimes.  

With his distinctive narrative voice and meticulous attention to detail, Kasasian masterfully pulls together this riotously enjoyable Victorian crime caper.  

Combining the charm of “Miss Marple’s” classic whodunnits, the compelling characters reminiscent of Anthony Horowitz’s “Magpie Murders”, and the atmospheric Victorian setting akin to Oscar De Muriel’s “The Strings of Murder”, “The Horror of Haglin House” is the perfect choice for readers seeking an entertaining historical mystery.   


M.R.C. Kasasian is best known for his entertaining, fast-paced detective stories. With an affinity for history and literature since childhood, the Lancashire-born author has captivated the imagination of an international readership with his storytelling.  

Kasasian’s breakout series, “The Gower Street Detective” is a classic Victorian murder mystery and an homage to the Sherlock Holmes novels. Beginning with “The Mangle Street Murders”, they transport readers to Victorian London, combining historical authenticity, gruesome crimes, and a dash of dark humour in a way that has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. 

With skillful plotting, a colourful cast of characters, and a nuanced understanding of historical periods, Kasasian’s books remain a must-read for anyone who loves a classic, historical whodunnit.  

cosy crime

The Horror of Haglin House

Format: Audiobook 
Audio ISBN: 9788727059211
Narrated by Emma Gregory

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