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New collaboration between publishing giants on Norwegian bestselling phenomenon

Saga Egmont and Cappelen Damm enter long-term collaboration to bring bestselling Norwegian romance stories across borders

One of the largest digital publishers, Saga Egmont, and Norway’s largest publishing house Cappelen Damm have entered a long-term agreement to launch Cappelen Damm’s NorskeSerier internationally.

Long serial format

The NorskeSerier brand has been a major commercial success for Cappelen Damm. The vast catalog of historical romance serial novels that have kept Norwegian readers captured for years will form the base for a long-term collaboration between the two Egmont-owned publishing houses. Some of the most popular series have more than 100 stories and are thus epic romance sagas spanning over decades! Saga Egmont will translate, produce and distribute the series in various markets such as the Danish, Finnish, French, German, and English.

Bringing stories to life across borders

“At Saga, we aspire to bring stories to life. With a major collaboration like this, especially within the Egmont-family, the possibilities for this brand are endless and we are thrilled to be able to introduce these binge-worthy stories to more readers around the world,” says Marie Noack, Program Manager at Saga. The series will be available as audiobooks and ebooks in German, Danish, Finnish, and French, and distributed widely across the globe via Saga Egmont’s 450+ distribution channels making the titles available to as many digtal readers as possible.

Great stories with high finishing rates

“Romance is often an underappreciated genre, despite its many qualities and great popularity. We see in our data that digital readers finish romance titles to a higher degree than other genres, and the audience is often very loyal and prefers these long series. So, we see this as a natural collaboration, where Saga Egmont has the professional setup and skills to publish digitally all over the world, and we have some fantastic books that deserve a larger audience,” says Karin Mundal, publishing director at Cappelen Damm.

Svalbard as a backdrop

The first titles ready are the Danish translation of Polarnætter (“Polar nights”) taking place where the nothern lights dance across the star-spangled night sky in mysterious Svalbard, and we can assure you that the first chapter of this series will get you hooked – no matter if you already are an avid romance reader or listener.

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