Arms Around Frank Richardson

Audiobook cover for Arms Around Frank Richardson on a wheat field background

This stunning new novel from Sylvia Colley beautifully explores the age-old theme of nature vs. nurture.

Click on the video below to listen to a sample of the audiobook, narrated by Sandy Walsh.

TW: Violence, Abuse, Prison.

Listen to an excerpt of “Arms Around Frank Richardson” by Sylvia Colley.

About the Book:

Nature or nurture? The impact of traumatic childhood experiences reverberates into the grown-up world of Frank, Alice and Henry – children from three families suffering the fall-out from their early life.

Frank, a working-class boy abused by his step-father. Alice, physically handicapped and frustrated.
Henry, the less clever son of wealthy ambitious parents.

From a rundown estate in Eastleigh, a small town in Darlington and an affluent Cotswold home, each character grapples with the life fate has handed them. Until by chance they all come together in adulthood, the repercussions are explosive.

About the Author:

Sylvia Colley was born in Romsey, Hampshire. She became a teacher and spent many years as Head of English at the Purcell School in North London. She has published a book of poetry, “It’s Not What I Wanted Though”, and a novel, “Lights on Dark Water”. Her work has been read on BBC Radio 4. She lives in Pinner, Middlesex.

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