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The best Back-to-School list 2022

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If you’re looking to include new titles, or are yet to feature a ‘back to school’ list look no further, and here’s why…

Our titles include;

  • Book inspired a film featuring BAFTA award winning actress Sheridan Smith – The Railway Children
  • “Beautifully written and inspiring for young readers” – 5 star Review Amazon – Girl 38: Finding a Friend
  • 4.9 out of 5 Stars on Amazon – Girl 38: Finding a Friend
  • Line Kyed has been nominated for several awards, and in 2007 she received Gyldendal’s Pippi-award – K is for Kara
  • The story has been translated into more the 60 languages – The Wonderful Adventures of Nils
  • Fans of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ will be enthralled by this 20th century crime classic, a gripping tale of mystery and suspense that will have them on the edge of their seats till the very end – The Charing Cross Mystery

When Roberta, Phyllis and Peter’s father is accused of being a spy and sent to prison, the children and their mother are forced to leave their comfortable city life for the countryside. They move into a small cottage called “Three Chimneys” close to a railway station. The railway soon becomes the center of their lives: promising new friends, plenty of adventures, and perhaps even the key to bringing their father home.

Kat is a 12-year-old girl who loves working on her super-heroine comic, Girl 38 – the girl she longs to be like. But she’s not brave, or fearless. At school and at home Kat is lonely while her parents are busy working long hours. She’s even a bit afraid of her elderly neighbour, Ania. But when Ania has an accident Kat surprises herself by rushing to the rescue – just like Girl 38. Their unlikely friendship blossoms, and with it Kat’s determination, as Ania reveals the haunting story behind the portrait of a girl she’s left unfinished.

Mattel’s Barbie doll is a fashion icon, world adventurer and every child’s best friend. Since the 1950’s she remains a popular toy in homes worldwide and the star of countless tv shows, movies, and books.
Courtney is a princess who accidentally gets sent to pop-star camp, and Erika is a pop star who ends up at princess camp. When the two camps plan to shut each other down, can the girls work together to save both camps?

Sixteen-year-old Leslie has come to the New Jersey shore as a companion to her ailing Aunt Marcia, whose doctor has sent her there for some quiet rest and recuperation. While the beach is lovely in October, Leslie quickly finds herself getting lonely with no one her own age to talk to. But one day, her dog digs up a metal box with an engraved dragon on it. This will lead Leslie not only to a mystery but also to a new friend.

A new girl is starting in Kara’s class: Gabriella. She is sweet and popular. Everyone thinks so, except for Kara. She actually thinks Gabriella is annoying and mean. Kara avoids Gabriella, but it is not fun, because suddenly Kara feels like an outsider. What can she do?

When her parents die, Mary, spoiled, yet unloved, is shipped from India to England to live with her absent uncle. When she discovers a secret garden, and starts to tend to it, like the flowers, she comes to life. One day she hears a cry from within the mansion, and soon learns that she is not the only one in need of some fresh air. ‘The Secret Garden’ (1911) by Frances Hodgson Burnett is among the most loved children’s novels of all time.

 Nils Holgersson, a boy who is transformed into a leprechaun and who travels around Sweden on the back of a goose. The journey begins on the 20th of March 1898 and ends on the 8th of November of that same year, when Nils returns to Västra Vemmenhög.

As a child, Faye Morgan was always an outsider, shunned for the ancient and powerful magic that runs through her veins. But magic is both a gift and a burden, and Faye has more than paid the price of living between two worlds. A gripping, magical, action-packed novel, perfect for fans of K.F. Breene’s ‘Natural Witch’, Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo.

When a retired police inspector suddenly drops dead in a train carriage arriving at Charing Cross station, young London barrister Hetherwick finds himself the key witness to the murder. Thrust into the centre of this terrifying mystery, Hetherwick must unveil the disturbing truths of the case and locate the nefarious culprit.

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