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Horror Stories for Halloween

Looking for a scary or chilling story to fill the time between the pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating? Here’s our guide to the eeriest and most mysterious must-reads for Halloween. We’ve got a scare for everyone! 

This spooky season we have captivatingly sinister and haunting stories that will send a chill down your spine. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a blood-curdling adventure through these audio narrations of some classic and well-known tales.  

Fright night just got a whole lot scarier! 

  • It’s an essential collection for fans of otherworldly horror H. P. Lovecraft – Horror Stories Vol. I
  • From the author with a death as mysterious as his strange stories; sometime around 1914 he left for Mexico, and was never to be seen again The Parenticide Club by Ambrose Bierce
  • Deliciously dark and chilling, this is Nordic Noir at its finest – Last Train to Helsingør by Heidi Amsinck

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As an American horror and science fiction writer, H.P. Lovecraft became a pioneer of ‘cosmic horror’, conjuring up a lore of supernatural creatures who exist beyond our understanding. His posthumous influence has been profound. It can be seen in everything from the fiction of Stephen King to the HBO series “Lovecraft Country”. 

A master of the short story form, Lovecraft made the unknowable scarily real. Parallel universes, alien worlds, vengeful spirits—all realised in the space of a few pages. And all brought to life with spare, simple language, making Lovecraft’s fiction an easy read for modern audiences. 
This first volume contains five of his short stories: “The Horror at Martin’s Beach”, “The Nameless City”, “The Ghost Eater”, “The Crawling Chaos” and “The Doom that Came to Sarnath”. Check out some of the other volumes – also available from Saga Egmont. 

Ambrose Bierce was an American writer who dominated the horror genre as the preeminent innovator of supernatural storytelling in the period between the death of Edgar Allan Poe and the rise of H.P. Lovecraft.  

The Parenticide Club features four short stories about a family murder, as seen from the eye of its most innocent member, who just might be the murderer himself. 

Copenhagen is a mysterious city where strange and sinister things often happen. From the commuter who bitterly regrets falling asleep on a late-night train in Last Train to Helsingør, to the mushroom hunter prepared to kill to guard her secret in The Chanterelles of Østvig.  
Here, the land of “hygge” becomes one of twilight and shadows, as canny antique dealers and property sharks get their comeuppance at the hands of old ladies in Conning  Mrs. Vinterberg, and ghosts go off-script in The Wailing Girl.  

From the author of The Long Lost War, Jeff Walker brings you another story from the paranormal and horror genre. 

Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow are drawn to a haunted house on an abandoned street. They must enter the eerie home and locate the source of the evil that has taken over this section of suburbia. But can they overcome the many horrors awaiting them? Or will they be the next victims to be slaughtered to death by this nightmare of a home? 

Green Tea tells the haunting story of a man plagued by a demonic monkey. The unnamed narrator, a trained surgeon who can’t practice because of the loss of two of his fingers, is organising the papers of his deceased mentor, the famous German physician Dr. Martin Hesselius. In doing so, he stumbles upon a strange case, dating back sixty-four years. 

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was an Irish writer, known for his ghost and paranormal stories. His novels Uncles Silas (1864) and Carmilla are still remembered today for their important roles in the gothic horror genre.

The Burned House is a ghost short story by Vincent O’Sullivan in which a benighted traveller stumbles upon a deserted house right in the middle of nowhere. Soon, strange things begin to happen, as he becomes involved in a series of supernatural events. A tale of vivid imagination, terrors, and mystery, The Burned House includes elements from the science fiction genre as well as classic horror elements such as murder, suicide, and violence, making a chilling yet engaging read. 

B. J. Harrison breathes new life into this classic story, as he masterfully plays with a wide array of voices and accents. Now in collaboration with SAGA Egmont, his engaging narration of these famous classics is available to readers everywhere. 

In a sleepy seaside town outside Copenhagen, a strange light at the bottom of the harbour has the police call in a military diver with a specialty in wet crime scenes. Deep down in the dark water sits a car with the dead body of a young woman in the driver’s seat. She has a long cut in her lower abdomen. 
Copenhagen Police’s Felix Jørgensen is on the case, and his new deputy Kathrine Nymark gets thrown in the deep end on her very first day on the job when it becomes clear that a brutal murderer is on the loose. 
On some jagged cliffs of a rural district in the south of Norway, a dog walker finds a partly skeletal corpse wearing a wetsuit. At first, the police assume it’s just another drowning incident, but the victim doesn’t match any people reported missing, and then there’s also that suture thread in her abdomen. 
Black Notice is a crime story told in five parts. Partly based on actual events, Black Notice tells the thrilling story of the international hunt for a ruthless serial killer. All five parts are also available from Saga Egmont. 

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