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K for Kara helps tweens – and their parents – cope with adolescent life

Girls want to read K for Kara – and so should their parents 

The ‘K for Kara’ books are about everyday life for pre-teens – friendships, school, first loves and so much more. Each book deals with a specific theme and the challenges that Kara and her friends face, although each story takes on a different scenario and can be read independently of each other. There are currently over 20 books in the series, with more to come, so there is plenty to pick from!

The ‘K for Kara’-series deals with all the daily challenges of life and can help put into words some of the thoughts and feelings that can seem so overwhelming and difficult for 8–11 year-olds. There is no adult finger-wagging or know-it-all attitude. 

Author Line Kyed Knudsen, who is behind the popular series, is inspired by both her own childhood and her daughter’s experiences as a tween. It’s important that the readers of the series can see themselves in the books. In fact, Line is the recipient of the 2021 Carlsen Prize, which honours the special contribution she has made to children’s and young adult literature. Check out the first few books in the ‘K for Kara’ series below. 

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Kara and Rose are best friends forever. They have a friendship necklace and they are both going to be princesses at the costume party at the club. But then, Julie starts going to their school, and suddenly everything is different for Kara. Kara feels that Rose likes Julie better, and why isn’t Rose wearing the friendship necklace anymore? 

‘Best Friends Forever’ perfectly describes the feelings that arise when three girls have to figure out how all to be friends. 

Kara may think Benjamin is a tad cute, really cute actually. So one day when she gets a text from him asking her to be his girlfriend, she’s ecstatic. Until she finds out that Rose got the same text, and when Julie receives the text too, everything just starts going wrong.   

What’s the deal? Is Benjamin just teasing them? Or does he want to have three girlfriends at the same time? 

Listen along as Kara and her friends do their best to sort out this mess of the heart.  

Take a listen as Kara and her friends play a game of truth and dare with the boys. Kara wants to kiss Lukas. But not with the tongue, like Julie does.  

But Kara loses interest in the game, when Big-Anders suddenly insists on joining the game. 

Rose and Julie are having a sleepover at Malou’s. But Kara cannot go because she is sick. On top of that she cannot go sledding either.  

When she gets well, the snow is gone, and her friends want to have another sleepover at Malou’s.  

But will Kara be invited this time? 

Malou is not allowed in the boys’ hideout. They say she smells.
Kara thinks the boys are really mean for excluding Malou out like that.  

But what can Kara do about it when she also wants to be a part of the hideout?  

The boys are playing war, and Kara wants to play too. But she already promised Julie that they were going to play hairdressers.  

Kara finds herself more and more bored and cannot sit still. Finally, she leaves to make a weapon and join the fun.  

Julie gets very mad at her. But Kara is still a good friend, isn’t she? 

Kara’s birthday is coming up. She wants a bunny, just like the one Rose has.  

But Kara’s dad just lost his job, and her parents constantly fight about money.  

Kara feels she has to wish for something a bit more sensible than a pet … And then something happens. Something bad! 

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