SAGA Egmont establishes incredible global kids’ books imprint…

…and kicks off with a major collaboration with The Astrid Lindgren Company.

Egmont’s digital publishing house SAGA Egmont is launching a new global children’s books imprint, SAGA Kids, that aims to publish stories across the world.

SAGA Kids’ key mission is to tell stories that are relatable, multicultural, timeless, humorous, nostalgic, and inspiring. SAGA Egmont has over 85,000 digital titles in more than 30 languages in its catalogue. And with a catalogue already counting 2,500 digital children’s books across more than 15 languages, the imprint is off to a great start.

“Too few children’s books authors are translated and published internationally today. Children’s books help shape our children’s future perception of the world and their role in it. That’s why we want to help as many authors, illustrators, and partners find new young readers around the globe.”

Lasse Horne, Publishing Director of SAGA Egmont

SAGA Kids’ publishing activities will be based in the Egmont headquarter in Copenhagen in cooperation with the SAGA Egmont staff in Warsaw. Editorial Director at Saga Kids, Stephanie Andén is looking forward reaching young readers:

“SAGA Egmont’s mission has always been to bring stories to life digitally. Now, we are allowed to continue that path with children’s stories and invest in books that originally wouldn’t travel beyond their local language borders. The fact that we can reach children across the globe by publishing digitally is simply fantastic.”

Most recently, SAGA Kids signed a deal with The Astrid Lindgren Company on publishing audio plays of the original Pippi Longstocking and Emil in Lönneberga books in Dutch, Italian, and French. Astrid Lindgren’s great-grandson and rights manager of The Astrid Lindgren Company Johan Palmberg is looking forward to this collaboration:

“We are always looking for new ways of bringing Astrid Lindgren’s stories to the children of today, and we are very excited about the collaboration with SAGA Egmont.”

Johan Palmberg, The Astrid Lindgren Company

Brand Manager of SAGA Kids, Louise Dam, agrees with Palmberg: “We have a diverse, commercially strong, and award-winning quality catalogue available, and with this major collaboration with The Astrid Lindgren Company, we can present high-quality production audio plays from one of the world’s most beloved children’s books authors.” Further, she emphasizes the importance of various genres, authors, and digital book formats: “Our catalogue also counts stories written by authors from various countries and cultures, and well-known brands such as Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, and many more. We are always looking for new publishing opportunities, and we intend to publish various digital formats to suit each story the best.”

As part of Egmont, SAGA Kids belongs to a charitable foundation where bringing children’s stories to life is part of the imprint’s DNA. Through The Egmont Foundation, SAGA Kids reinvests its profits into building great media and supporting vulnerable children, young people, and families. The foundation has four focus areas: 1) Dyslexia, 2) Children and young people placed in care, 3) Vulnerable families with small children, and 4) A good school start. The Egmont Foundation has given back to society for more than 100 years.

For more info on The Egmont Foundation: https://www.egmont.com/egmont-foundation or head to our other blog post: More than 100 years of giving back; The Charitable Work of the Egmont Foundation

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