Partnership: Saga Egmont and Cappelen Damm is Teaming Up to Introduce Karin Fossum’s Popular Crime Stories in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden

Saga Egmont, a frontrunner in digital publishing, is thrilled to announce that their strategic partnership with Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm is taking Karin Fossum’s Nordic crime stories across borders to meet new readers. Fossum’s new three-part series featuring the fascinating character of Eddie Feber, will be accessible to readers in Sweden, Germany, and Denmark as e-books, print books, audiobooks, and print-on-demand format. 

“The plan to expand Karin Fossum’s stories to new European markets exemplifies the synergy that exists between Saga Egmont and Cappelen Damm – an example of a well-functioning international collaboration in the publishing industry under the division ‘Egmont Books’”, says managing director of Saga, Lasse Horne and elaborates; 

“Egmont Books develops and discovers quality literature within one market and infuses it into other markets for the benefit of authors and readers alike. This time aiming to extend the reach of Fossum’s Nordic crime narratives by publishing them in new markets and formats.” 

says Lasse Horn, managing director of Saga Egmont.

With this deal brokered by Adam Atos Conti, Rights Manager at Saga Egmont, the Norwegian “queen of crime”, Karin Fossum, offers the Swedish, Danish, and German audiences a taste of her crime mysteries. The stories are typically based in everyday Norwegian communities, and are characterized by nuanced character-building, and mysteries that keep the readers on edge. 

Stephanie Andén, Publishing Director for Global Licensing at Saga Egmont, shares her anticipation over the collaboration, “It is inspiring to see how two powerful publishers can work hand-in-hand to extend the reach of a stellar author like Karin Fossum. Together with Cappelen Damm, we aim to bring Fossum’s gripping narratives to the fingertips of new readers. And we are looking forward to publishing more strong authorships in the future through the Egmont Books collaboration.” 

Karin Fossum’s remarks about the collaboration exhibits her enthusiasm, “Working with publishers that share a vision of extending literature across borders and formats is a unique opportunity. I eagerly anticipate sharing Eddie Feber’s tales with Danish, Swedish and German readers.” 

At Cappelen Damm, Foreign Rights Director Ingvild Haugland Blatt is excited to see the partnership bringing Karin Fossum’s works to new readers abroad, “We’re happy to have such a fruitful partnership with an international publisher expanding the reach of authors such as Karin Fossum. Her stories have truly proven to resonate with crime fans everywhere and we’re convinced the readers of Denmark, Germany, and Sweden will find this new series captivating.” 

Karin Fossum publications in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden under this collaboration currently include: 

  • Danish “Natteløberen” release date June 18th 2024. 2nd and 3rd planned in 2024-2025. 
  • German, “Der Nachtläufer” released as e-book and print March 12th 2024 and to be released as audiobook April 11th 2024. 
  • German, “Familienbande to be released as e-book, print, and audiobook September 2024. 
  • German, Eddie Feber 3rd Vol. planned as e-book, print, and audiobook in 2025. 
  • Swedish, Eddie Feber 1st Vol. planned as e-book, print, and audiobook in 2025. 
  • Swedish, Eddie Feber 2nd and 3rd Vol. planned as e-book, print, and audiobook in 2025/2026. 

About Egmont Books

The International Saga Egmont and Norwegian Cappelen Damm make up the Egmont Books concept together with the Danish publisher Lindhardt & Ringhof. This collaboration stands in a unique position to transform the publishing landscape with a commitment to making quality literary works accessible across languages and formats. This collaborative venture is a testament to Saga Egmont’s internationalization strategy, ensuring staying at the forefront in a changing publishing industry. 

About Karin Fossum

Karin Fossum has established herself as a powerful voice in the Nordic crime genre. The two-time Riverton Prize winner has seen her work adapted for film and TV and has been translated into 25 languages. This collaboration between Fossum and Egmont Books magnifies Fossum’s exceptional storytelling, while redefining publishing standards in the Nordic region. 

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