International Success of Steffen Jacobsen’s Series Spurs Norwegian Editions by Cappelen Damm

Saga Egmont is delighted to spotlight the growing international recognition of esteemed Danish crime author, Steffen Jacobsen. His riveting series – Lene Jensen and Michael Sander – is set to reach new readers as Saga Egmont partners with Cappelen Damm for its first Norwegian editions this year. This marks another milestone in Jacobsen’s growing international presence and showcases how the newly formed Egmont Books division help today’s authors to reach a global audience.

The first two instalments, ‘Trofæ’ and ‘Gengældelsen’, are due for release in April and May respectively. The books form part of a dark Nordic crime narrative featuring Danish police commissioner Lene Jensen and private investigator Michael Sander. The series has resonated not only with a Danish readership but also with readers beyond Denmark’s borders, selling over 150,000 copies in markets such as Sweden, Finland, Poland and Spain.

“We’re proud to bring Steffen Jacobsen’s gripping crime series to our Norwegian readers. As his international acclaim continues to grow across the Nordics and beyond, we are excited to be part of this journey by offering quality storytelling in Norwegian.” 

says Hege Stølen Berstad, editor at Cappelen Damm.

Aligned with current market trends favoring digital access – digitisation and internationalisation have emerged as leading strategies in modern publishing. Saga Egmont consistently works towards advancing these strategies by helping authors like Jacobsen connect with larger audiences via diverse digital markets worldwide.

“Our mission at Saga Egmont remains clear – making great stories accessible everywhere and to everyone,” says Lasse Korsemann Horne, Managing Director at Saga Egmont. “The international acclaim for Steffen Jacobson’s works clearly evidences how successful this approach can be.” 

About Steffen Jacobsen

Steffen Jacobsen is one of Denmark’s most successful suspense authors. He made his debut in 2008 with “Passenger” and had his breakthrough in 2013 with “Trofæ”, the first of a series of thrillers featuring the duo Michael Sander and Lene Jensen. In addition to crime novels, Jacobsen’s authorship also includes historical fiction. In 2017, he released a significant historical thriller titled “Da blev jeg døden”, centered around Niels Bohr and the atomic bomb. With “Proxy” in 2019, Jacobsen introduced a new pair of investigators, Tanya Nielsen and Jakob Nordsted. Jacobsen’s books have gained international acclaim and have been sold for film adaptation rights and publication throughout most parts of Europe. 

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