Major new partnership between Danielle Steel and Saga Egmont

Saga Egmont becomes the publisher of best-selling author Danielle Steel in several Scandinavian markets. In addition to the Danish market, where Saga Egmont has already published multiple works by Steel, the new agreement will add Swedish, Finnish and Icelandic titles to their successful catalogue. 

This year Steel celebrated one billion copies sold, cementing her as one of the most popular writers of all time. Her authorship includes countless bestsellers famous for their gripping plots and ability to touch the hearts of many. Readers are eagerly consuming Danielle Steel books in markets worldwide, and now Saga Egmont will bring Danielle Steel back to Scandinavia with more than 80 publications in the years to come. 

With one deal Danielle Steel’s works are now granted new life in Scandinavia  

These publications will present a chance for many new Scandinavian readers to discover the captivating stories and universes of Danielle Steel’s works. “The Danielle Steel authorship reigns supreme when it comes to high-quality leisurely escapism. It appeals to such a big audience, which is why this multi-market deal represents a natural step on the way to connect Danielle Steel with new readers across the Nordics.” says Stephanie Andén, Publishing Director for Global Licensing at Saga Egmont. 

Danielle Steel herself, famous for her large catalogue of riveting books – especially known for strong female stories and family sagas – is excited about expanding the partnership with Saga Egmont

“It is always exciting to open new doors and welcome new and old readers into the world of my books. My books are an extension of the lives we all lead, the challenges we encounter, the people who matter to us, and change our lives. The things we all face are universal and timeless, and I am very grateful to Saga for expanding my horizons, and I look forward to our alliance and working together.” 

says author, Danielle Steel.

Saga Egmont fortifies global presence through Danielle Steel deal  

For Saga Egmont the general vision is to embrace the global literary heritage and to make great stories available across borders. They serve all kinds of readers from literary “connoisseurs” to the reader who is simply looking for a comfortable and entertaining read.  

“Steel and Saga are a perfect fit,” says Rights Manager at Saga Egmont, Adam Atos Conti and continues: “With the experience from publishing Steel’s amazing work in Danish, combined with our position in Scandinavia as a leading digital publisher, we will help spread the stories of one of our time’s biggest authors to readers across Scandinavia – on whatever platform the readers might prefer. The Egmont mission is ‘We bring stories to life’ and I truly believe that we fulfill our purpose in this collaboration.”  

About Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel has sold 1 billion copies of her books internationally, and every one of her books is a bestseller. She is published in 43 languages. Steel’s latest novel is Second Act. Other recent bestsellers include Happiness, Palazzo, The Wedding Planner, Worthy Opponents, Without a Trace, The Whittiers, The High Notes, The Challenge, Suspects, and Beautiful, all of which have leapt to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, the Wall Street Journal list, and comparable best seller lists around the world. Steel has written more than 210 books, 182 of which are novels.

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