Saga Egmont goes “kokosbananas”

Saga Egmont and Norway’s Cappelen Damm are to bring Rolf Magne Andersen’s beloved and immensely popular children’s series, Kokosbananas, to new markets in Sweden and Finland. 

The wildly popular Kokosbananas series is known for its magical world and a humor that appeals to children and adults alike. Kokosbananas is half coconut, half pineapple and a 100% fun – a book series born in the audio format. Kokosbananas is one of the most streamed kids’ series in Norway, and has a rising media presence, including talks about an animated series and movie.

Stephanie Andén, Publishing Director for Global Licensing at Saga Egmont, expresses her enthusiasm, “We’re incredibly excited to bring the fun and inventive universe of Kokosbananas to the children of Sweden and Finland. This series has been a massive success in Norway; our partnership with Cappelen Damm allows us to give it the digital exposure it deserves.”

“Seeing my work translated and available digitally for new audiences is an exciting milestone. I hope the children in Sweden and Finland will find as much joy and laughter in Kokosbananas as others have.”

says author Rolf Magne Andersen. 

The deal currently includes ten Finnish titles and six Swedish titles from the Kokosbananas series to be published by Saga Egmont in audiobook and ebook formats. The series is planned to be released later this year in Finland and in the beginning of next year in Sweden across all book streaming platforms.

About Kokosbananas

Kokosbananas is a little inventor who lives with his family Mom Banana, Dad Kokos and his little sister Baby Koko. In the inventor’s shed, Kokosbananas makes crazy inventions, which always gets him into strange situations. Kokosbananas appeals to young and old, and is best read together. With Kokosbananas you get excitement, silliness and a good portion of humor.


About Author Rolf Magne Andersen

Rolf Magne Golten Andersen (b. 1983) has written a bunch of Kokosbananas stories for the Storytel audiobook service. Rolf Magne G. Andersen has a background in film, radio and television, including as a scriptwriter for Hermann Flesvig’s FørstegangstjenestenP3morgenHallo i ukenKomiprisen and Topp 20-turneen.


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