The Seer of Midgard: NOW OUT!

The Seer of midgard

The first book in the epic high fantasy series – ‘The Seer of Midgard’ – NOW OUT! Masterfully crafted by critically acclaimed and award-winning author, A. M. Vedsø Olesen.    

‘The Seer of Midgard’ (Vølvens Vej) is a gripping page-turner about blood vengeance, fate and the will of the gods set in Iron-Age Scandinavia. Vedsø Olesen’s new series is inspired by the many worlds, creatures, magic and fierce battles of Norse mythology.  

With a female protagonist, Vedsø Olesen renews the male-dominated universe that has shaped the famous tales. Stories about strong and powerful women are not lacking in Norse mythology, but now they are given centre stage. 

Here’s why you NEED to know about the Seer of Midgard series:  

  • The series has been acquired for TV adaptation by Apple Tree Productions (ITV Studios) (The Killing, The Legacy, Follow the Money, The Bridge, Liberty, and Ride Upon the Storm).  
  • Winner of Denmark’s most acclaimed novel price, DR Romanprisen (Readers Award) 2022. 
  • The Seer of Midgard spent many months on the major top ten lists in Denmark after its release.  
  • “You are drawn into the giant jaws of the story.” POLITIKEN (Denmark’s largest newspaper). 
  • “The epic saga is full-blown fantasy, psychedelic nature poetry and a treat for mythology nerds,” WEEKENDAVISEN. 
  • Perfect for readers who just can’t get enough of hit series Game of Thrones or ‘The House of the Dragon’.  
  • Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Finnish, Polish and Dutch. 


Snehild is born amidst a raid on a stormy, winter night. She is delivered by a mystical jötunn woman and as she slips into the world, the Norns breathe a prophecy over her. 
Years later, Himlinge, the royal seat of Sialand, is suffering from political unrest. King Tormod suspects his brother-in-law is plotting against him. Royal advisor Brynjulf Raveneye worries about which of the twin princes should be heir to the throne. The high priestess Ragnfrid grows jealous of the local herbalist who is favoured by the royal family. Worst still, the herbalist’s daughter, Snehild, appears to have powerful prophetic powers that may threaten the priestess’ position. But at least there’s something she can do about that. 
Except you can’t destroy a heroine destined for greatness and Snehild has the favour of the gods and the blessing of the Norns. She flees her home and embarks on a quest to discover herself, her parentage and the true extent of her powers. 


A. M. Vedsø Olesen is a Danish author with a long list of critically acclaimed and award-winning mythological-inspired and historical novels behind her. With her extensive knowledge of Denmark’s antiquity and Norse mythology, she unfolds the fantastic and adventurous universe in THE SEER OF MIDGARD, a tantalising fantasy story inspired by the epic Norse poem Völuspá from the Poetic Edda. 

the seer of midgard

The Seer of Midgard

Format: Audiobook & Ebook
Audio ISBN: 9788728287491 
Ebook ISBN: 9788726922530
Narrated by Kristin Atherton 

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