More than 100 years of giving back; The Charitable Work of the Egmont Foundation

Egmont foundation

‘We’re so very proud of the work that we do at the Egmont Foundation, and here is why!?

  • Charitable activities for 2021 total 13 million euros.
  • Total value of donations 450 million euros
  • Long history dating back to 1920

You may not know this about Egmont but all of Egmont is a foundation. We have no owners, and all of our profits from all of our companies are either reinvested or donated. We have always had, and will continue to, commit towards doing good and helping the community.  This is why we’re the ethical alternative.

Established back in 1920, the Egmont Foundation recently celebrated its one-hundred-year birthday, and our passion for education and a brighter future has not wavered. In fact we feel stronger than ever about creating change. The foundation’s main objective is that by 2030, all young people will have the chance to complete an upper secondary education. We want to do this by this by reducing learning inequity for children and young people at risk in Scandinavia, and reducing drop-out rates.

When Egmont turned one hundred, two anniversary prizes were handed out, each consisting of DKK 1 million. The Egmont Foundation’s Employee Prize was awarded to the Young Grief initiative, and the Egmont Foundation’s Anniversary Prize was handed to the Read for Life program. In 2022, the Egmont Foundation in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway will donate DKK 110 million to help children and young people at risk, with the total donations from the foundation so far being DKK 3.3 billion.

If you would like to know more about the Egmont Foundation and the work that we do, please visit – The Egmont Foundation | Egmont

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