Come on an amazing adventure with Barbie and all her friends

You may know Barbie as the Mattel doll who happens to be a fashion icon, world adventurer and every child’s best friend – but she’s so much more! 

Since the 1950’s Barbie’s fame has skyrocketed – she’s the star of countless tv shows, movies, and books. You can even catch her on the Netflix series ‘Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures’ which follows the whole family and her boyfriend Ken, as they hang out in LA and travel the world in the Barbie camper van. 

Even her little sister Chelsea has taken centre stage – and the younger fans love her!  

Follow Barbie and Chelsea in numerous adventures – solve mysteries, catch the bad guys as a secret agent, sing in Barbie’s rock band, celebrate Chelsea’s birthday in Dreamtopia and fly to planets in far-away galaxies.  

It is the day before her birthday and Chelsea is having fun with her friends Jace and Zoie in the garden. Chelsea is excited about her upcoming party, but what should she wish for? Suddenly her neighbor Otto chimes in suggesting that she should wish for all the toys in the world, teasingly he says that he might blow out her candles and steal her wish for himself! 

That night, going to bed Chelsea fears that Otto will make true of this threat, and she tries to come up with a wish in a hurry. Join Chelsea on a trip to Dreamtopia and help her find an idea for her birthday wish! 

Princess Kara wants to make a difference in the world, but is held back by her overprotective parents, the King and Queen of Windemere. 

So what is a fun-loving and adventurous princess to do? Enter the hero alter-ego Super Sparkle! Can Kara use her to protect the realm from harm while keeping her superhero secret from her parents?  

Once upon a time a very special girl named Barbie lived with her father on the far away planet Para-Den. The gifted girl spent her days looking after the planet’s many extraordinary animals, while practicing her talent for hoverboarding. 

One day King Constantine of the planet Oppa-Irri called out for Barbie’s help to keep the stars from disappearing! Despite her many talents, Barbie found herself quite nervous about this since she had never left Para-Den before! Could she ever find the courage in her heart to venture out and save the stars? 

Read along and join Barbie on a journey across the galaxy! 

Courtney is a princess who accidentally gets sent to pop-star camp, and Erika is a pop star who ends up at princess camp. When the two camps plan to shut each other down, can the girls work together to save both camps? 

An amazing story told in short chapters to make it easy for kids to read on their own! 

The shy but beautiful Princess Alexa is more into books than ballroom dancing. One day her grandmother gifts her a mysterious book, and a magical adventure starts to unfold in the magical realm of Zinnia, a wonderful land inhabited by fairies, mermaids, unicorns.  

Join Alexa and her magical friends on their quest to defeat the mean, magic-stealing princess, Malucia and restore the peace in Zinnia. 

Join Barbie and her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea as they travel to a tropical island for Chelsea to compete in a dance competition.  

Of course, they have all brought their loyal puppies with them. Upon their arrival Barbie has a special surprise for her sisters. At first, they are hesitant to join in the fun, afraid that they will miss the competition, but she convinces them there will be time.  

Occupied by the entertaining surprise the sisters fail to notice that the puppies have left their side and are now nowhere to be found! Of course, the sisters must chase them down, but will they find the puppies and make it back in time for Chelsea’s competition? 

Now the kids have the perfect opportunity to follow their spy dream! Join Barbie and her friends as they star as world-class gymnasts who are recruited as top-secret spies! 

Powerful gems have been stolen, and it’s up to Barbie and her friends to use their dazzling disguises, high-tech glitter gadgets, and trusty teamwork to stop a notorious jewel thief. Read along and see if you can pick up on any clues! 

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