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Saga Egmont Continues Major Collaboration with Cappelen Damm to Translate and Publish More Norwegian Series in Scandinavia

Saga Egmont and Cappelen Damm, Norway’s largest publisher, have entered into a significant collaboration to translate and publish an additional five Nordic Sagas in Scandinavia. This marks one of the largest translation projects undertaken between the two publishers in recent times, continuing the success of the ‘Nordic Sagas’ concept – a collection of binge-worthy book series told in Scandinavian settings.

“Nordic Sagas offers narratives bearing universal relevance across cultures and geography. Its success abroad signifies the magnetic power of well-crafted stories that bridge borders,”

explains Karin Mundal, Rights Negotiator from Cappelen Damm.

Nordic Sagas carries readers away to far-off times and places, where a diverse range of characters grapple with their destiny. The series combination of compelling storytelling and historical accuracy provides readers with an immersive, intimate journey through Norway’s past — from towering Norwegian mountains to the mystical Northern Lights of Svalbard. With universally appealing narratives and cliffhangers at the end of each book and sometimes even each chapter, Nordic Sagas consistently leaves readers wanting more. 

With successful publications in various languages such as Danish, Finnish, French, and English, Saga Egmont is taking a big step forward with its upcoming debut in Sweden. The launch begins with the ‘Emma från Averøya’ series, starting with the first of ten planned publications, ‘Framtidsdrömmar’, due for release on June 27th

Saga Egmont remains committed to broadening the reach of strong narratives. In the words of Lasse Korsemann Horne, Managing Director of Saga Egmont, “In partnership with Cappelen Damm, we recognized a golden opportunity to bring Nordic Sagas’ riveting tales of destiny to the global digital reading community. The popularity among readers so far signals the major book markets’ readiness for Nordic Sagas.” 

In a world dominated by streaming services where binge reading has become the norm, Nordic Sagas perfectly encapsulates and delivers this experience. Its captivating tales of destiny and the human condition continue to capture hearts across the globe and will stay with readers long after they’ve turned the last page.  

To date, Saga Egmont has published 40 eBooks and 32 audiobooks from the Nordic Sagas collection, with more releases anticipated.

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