Our Top Picks for Cosy Mystery!

As Cosy Mystery booms in popularity here are our must have’s this season.

These titles include;

  • As well as being on BBC Radio 4’s Open Book, Lisa Cutts has twice appeared on This Morning to chat about TV crime dramas Broadchurch and Line of Duty. – Murder at the Gardens by Lisa Cutts
  • Fans of Richard Osman’s ‘Thursday Murder Club‘ will love this humorous cosy crime – Best Murder in Show in Debbie Young
  • Katie Gayle is the writing partnership of best-selling South African writers, Kate Sidley and Gail Schimmel – The Museum Murder by Katie Gayle

See the full list of metadata by downloading below.

Dastardly deeds, daring deceptions and a dress to die for… Epiphany Bloom is back on the case!
Epiphany ‘Pip’ Bloom, would-be detective and London’s unluckiest woman, finds herself in a real costume drama when she unearths a theft at a fashion museum.

The missing dress is a proper piece of Hollywood history, worth a fortune. And as Pip investigates, she finds the museum staff all had reasons to want the garment gone. From fancy boutiques to sketchy back alleys, Pip discovers the fashion world is not all glitz and glamour as she hunts down her prize.

As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate, Pip also has her growing feelings for her housemate Tim to contend with, a family of cats to feed and her mother keeps phoning about a shipment of llamas arriving any day now from South America.

But there’s no time for distractions because Pip’s not the only one after the dress. And for the most dedicated collectors, a piece like this is worth any price – even murder…

Where the bells of the local Abbey ring loud and clear across the idyllic rolling green hillsides – why are the bells not ringing?

As Isabella ponders this mystery, she makes a horrific discovery: Sister Raffaella is lying lifeless in the cloister. At first glance, it seems as though the dead nun must have fallen from the belfry. But then what is the meaning of the number that was drawn in the dust by the body?

Was this really an accident, as the Mother Superior is stonily insisting? Isabella doesn’t believe so. Together with the young Carabiniere Matteo, Isabella begins an investigation of her own and soon uncovers a dark secret… now only divine intervention can help!

A lovely day out takes a dark turn when a complaining customer is found dead… Luckily amateur sleuth Belinda Penshurst is on the scene – and ready to investigate!

Belinda Penshurst has always loved Brabourne Gardens. A keen animal lover, she enjoys walking its winding paths and listening to the excited squeals of schoolchildren. So when one of the visitors is found strangled, she’s determined to learn whodunnit – and why.

The victim, Simon Carter, had a reputation for making trouble… But surely that’s not a good enough reason to want him dead. Together with retired detective Harry Powell, Belinda investigates the goings-on behind the scenes and learns that some of the staff are more savage than the animals.

Is it Estelle Samuels, the anti-social owner, who clearly has something to hide? Or the security guard who takes his job too seriously? Most worrying of all, Belinda’s ex Ivan was there when the body was found, and she’s determined to clear his name. As suspicions swirl, one thing’s for sure: if Belinda keeps following the killer’s tracks, she might find herself in their sights…

When a dead body appears on a carnival float at the village show, Sophie Sayers knows that a case of murder in plain sight ought to be easy to solve. But why do none of the villagers agree? And what dark secrets are they hiding? As she tries to investigate the crime, it’s clear that someone is desperately trying to stop her from unmasking the killer. Can Sophie unearth the clues before anyone else comes to harm?

In Debbie Young’s ‘Best Murder in Show’, the ‘Sophie Sayers’ Village Mysteries’ is back with a new adventure, promising the comforting feelings of community, warmth and humour.

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