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Women in Translation!

It’s Women in Translation month, and although August is almost over it’s never too late to celebrate these amazing titles written, translated or narrated by women.

Women in Translation Month is a month to highlight translated works by female writers.
We have some sensational audiobook and ebook titles for your carousels or lists celebrating female authors, translators and narrators this month.
Everything from classic fiction, cosy mystery, psychological thrillers, crime debuts,

This list includes;

  • Film rights to several of his books have also been sold – Steffen Jacobsen ‘The Promise – Part 1’
  • A Can’t-Miss crime thriller debut from the Sunday Times Bestselling Women’s fiction author, Miranda Dickinson (MJ White) – The Secret Voices
  • An addictive debut psychological thriller for fans of “The Girl on the Train”, Liane Moriarty and Lucy Foley – The Man I Married
  • ‘The Chinese Twin’ is Sarah Engell’s captivating, Best-Selling Thriller bringing together past secrets, lies and heinous crimes in a shocking culmination.

A profound and exhaustive exploration of Russian life and the human condition. Tolstoy creates one of the most complex heroines in literature as he details Anna falling a conscious victim to her own passion.

The dramatic scope of the story, the memorable characters, and the wealth of emotions that Tolstoy displays render ‘Anna Karenina’ much more than a novel, but rather an unmissable chronicle of the human condition that transcends both space and time.

Famous crime writer, Inez Carlsson, receives a mysterious letter from the mayor of K City. Recently, four children have gone missing and the police have turned to the forest on the outskirts of town for answers.

The mayor thinks that the police investigation is moving too slowly and she is convinced that Inez can help them solve the case. But what is really going on beneath the surface of K City? And who can be trusted?

With the help of the city’s police chief, Johan Jarl, Inez begins her own investigation, using a few controversial methods and her instincts, to find the children in a race against the clock. But will she find them before it’s too late?

Johan Boje, a police assistant for Mid- and Western Jutland dies after being hit by a speeding car outside his home one late night in March. His boss, Alex Borg, is one of the firsts to arrive at the scene of the crime. It quickly dawns on him that this is not a simple case of hit-and-run, but rather a very brutal murder. Boje’s nine-year-old son claims he saw the car, and that it was a police officer behind the wheel. Is it the just the traumatized boy’s imagination playing tricks? A gas station’s surveillance camera confirms the son’s story – someone in a police uniform was driving the car that fatal night.

In a heartbeat everything can change. This is the gripping, true story of how a young woman was murdered and a family lost a daughter.

Like most young girls her age Nadine lives a life filled with family, friends and thoughts about the future. At seventeen she meets Gerold and they fall in love.

But a darkness gradually falls upon their relationship and after almost three years Nadine calls the relationship off. Gerold does not accept this decision and keeps contacting her, despite her rejecting his advances.

Yet, one day in December 2006 he manages to lure her to his house one more time. A visit that turns out to be fatal. With countless stabs he brutally ends her young life. Not long after, he is caught and sentenced to 12 years in prison and afterwards a treatment facility for mentally ill prisoners.

In 2009 Gerold sends a letter to Nadine’s family, where he apologizes and pleads for them to meet with him.

When eight-year-old Hannah Perry goes missing in the small Suffolk village of St Just, the community is rocked. Heading up the investigation is Acting DS Rob Minshull, but he’s out of his depth in a case that seems to mirror the disappearance of a young boy, seven years ago. That search ended in unimaginable tragedy…and Minshull is praying that history won’t be repeated.

But with an investigation full of dead ends, and a kidnapper taunting the police with sinister deliveries of Hannah’s belongings and cryptic notes, the young girl’s life hangs perilously in danger.

This is the story of Lucy and Paul. They met. They fell deeply in love. They got married.
Lucy thought that she had everything she wanted.
Until she found the photograph, the text messages. Until she uncovered Paul’s secrets.
Now Lucy realizes she doesn’t really know her husband. She doesn’t know if she can trust her own mind. She doesn’t know the lengths Paul would go to keep his perfect life.
And worst of all, she doesn’t know that she’s in danger…

As part of her recovery from a devastating car accident, Grace Thomas embarks on a surprise cruise booked by her husband, Cameron. The accident still haunts Grace but she is excited to fulfil her life-long dream of hers – cruising around the Mediterranean with some girlfriends – even if her husband’s secretary, Chantelle is tagging along for the trip. Maybe this is a chance to start a fresh with this woman. But Chantelle appears to be everywhere Grace turns, and her instincts can’t all be wrong.
Grace’s journey of self-discovery suddenly begins to feel rather sinister. Everything she knows has been a lie and the truth has devastating consequences for everyone…

A buried corpse disappears. A child is kidnapped. A woman suddenly vanishes. The only clue – mysterious Chinese symbols; left behind at each of the crime scenes in a provincial town in Northern Denmark.

In the eye of the storm is Eva. After suffering a deeply sorrowful tragedy – where her long-awaited daughter is stillborn – Eva is fighting to get her life back on track together with her husband who recently, and inexplicably, became paralyzed and is now unable to take care of himself. In an attempt to escape her grief, Eva embarks on her own investigation to find out who is behind these violent crimes. And why. It turns out, the past will play a chilling and completely unexpected role…

In early 2018, Erin Darcy created an online art project, In Her Shoes – Women of the Eighth, to safely and anonymously share private stories of the real and devastating impact of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland. In the five months leading up to the referendum on abortion, the project asked a simple question of undecided voters: put yourself in her shoes.

It was an ordinary day for Maddy Saunders. Until a knock at the door and two policemen telling her that husband Max is missing, his rucksack found floating at the bottom of a local canal near their home in Uxbridge…

As Maddy desperately searches for clues as to what has happened to Max, she quickly uncovers that the man she shares her life with, the father of her children, has been keeping secrets from her.
Forced into untangling Max’s lies, Maddy will stop at nothing to uncover the truth – even if it shatters her world into pieces…

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