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Saga Egmont announces global publication of award-winning fantasy series from A. M. Vedsø Olesen

A. M. Vedsø Olesen

The countdown begins for the release of 2023’s answer to Game of Thrones – ‘The Seer of Midgard’ series.

A. M. Vedsø Olesen is a Danish author with a lengthy list of critically acclaimed and award-winning mythology-inspired and historical novels behind her. With her extensive knowledge of Norse mythology, Vedsø Olesen pulls us into the fantasy universe of ‘The Seer of Midgard ‘ for which she has won the Danish Broadcasting Corporations Novel Award 2022.   

“I am extremely happy, honoured and proud to have won the DR Novel Award. The prize is a huge motivation for me to continue writing the series about Snehild. Thank you to DR and Litteratursiden, and above all thank you to the DR Book Clubs for reading and debating the nominated works with commitment. To paraphrase a well-known quote: readers and only readers are the driving force behind the creation of literary history,” says A. M. Vedsø Olesen

The Seer of Midgard‘  is the first volume in the large-scale Seer of Midgard series, launched internationally by Saga Originals, which is publishing in 8 different languages. The series has also been acquired for TV adaptation by Piv Bernth at Apple Tree Productions (The Killing, The Legacy, Follow the Money, The Bridge, Liberty, and Ride upon the Storm).

“It’s a page-turner. I immediately got hold of the book and read it over, and over again. It has all the qualities of a TV series – as soon as you’ve read it, you think: When is the next season coming?” says Piv Bernth. 

The first volume in the series follows Snehild, the daughter of a local herbalist in the Viking-inspired settlement of Himlinge, who regularly suffers from vivid and bewildering visions. She is educated in history and swordsmanship alongside the twin princes: beautiful erudite Aslak and the fiery, bear-like Roald, and the three are slowly drawn into the grown-up world of politics, warring chieftains, and blood revenge.   

Praise for ‘The Seer of Midgard’: 

  • “A Nordic ‘Game of Thrones’. A clear recommendation”. - Troldspejlet, Danish TV-show  
  • “You are drawn into the giant jaws of the story.”- Politiken, Denmark’s largest newspaper  
  • Compelling, driven and exciting. I look forward to the next volume!” - Kristeligt Dagblad, Danish newspaper  

For more information about this series, or our full English catalogue contact Nadia on – nadia.lamond@sagaegmont.com or simply book a meeting.

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