Hello November!

This November we will be featuring many bestselling authors such as M J White, Amanda Prowse and Shari Low, just to name a few.

This List for November also includes plenty of romance, cosy crime and psychological thrillers to distract you from the cold weather approaching.

  • Her books have been translated into a dozen languages and she regularly tops book charts all over the world. – Something Quite Beautiful by Amanda Prowse
  • A breathtaking and gripping suspense novel, Cynthia Clark’s ´We All Fall Down´ is ideal for fans of B A Paris and Sophie Hannah – We all Fall Down by Cynthia Clark
  • A wryly humorous memoir, ´Love in Old Age´ will delight fans of Joan Didion’s ´The Year of Magical Thinking´ and Nora Ephron’s ´I Remember Nothing´. – Love in Old Age by Hunter Davies
  • Number 1, best-selling selling author of humorous romantic fiction. – One Day in Winter by Shari Low

Three strangers all caught in the deep end… but can they help each other float through?

After tragically losing her husband and being left a single mother to two children, Gabriella has only one escape for herself – swimming at a local London lido to clear her mind.

A constant stream of both new and familiar faces visit the lido like Gabriella, but she doesn’t suspect any are suffering quite like her until she meets Helen – who swims to escape her emotionless husband, and Ian – who feels lost in the deep end after becoming unemployed and unable to tell his husband.

Grateful for new companionship, these three strangers decide to make their friendship into something more permanent: The Lonely Hearts Lido Club.

´Love in Old Age´ tells the story of their first twelve months on the island. It is a journey of discovery to a forgotten corner of England; an exploration of the attraction of meeting new people and new places in old age, and a celebration of flat sandy beaches.

It brings together the themes of love in old age; Covid lockdown; rural escape; the anxieties of house-buying; and the history and curiosities of England’s largest and second most populous island – all bound together by Hunter Davies’s insatiable curiosity about people and places, and his irrepressible and ironic sense of humour.

Seven powerful, gripping short stories from bestselling author, Amanda Prowse. If you have not discovered Amanda Prowse yet you are in for a real treat… Full of incident and real characters’ Rascals of London Collection includes: “Something Quite Beautiful”, “The Game”, “Ten Pound Ticket”, “Imogen’s Baby”, “Miss Potterton’s Birthday Tea”, “A Christmas Wish” and “Mr Portobollo’s Morning Paper”.

Susie has just arrived in Australia. She is clutching a newborn baby, but she has no wedding ring on her left hand. With no money, and no hope, how can she turn her life around? Gemma Peters, a happy-go-lucky teenager has disappeared without trace. Where has she gone? Why has she been lying to her family? And, most importantly, will she ever come home?

Twenty-four-year-old Imogen longs for a baby. She knows it’s hard to raise a child alone, but Imogen is also blind. Can she overcome life’s challenges and have the baby she longs for?

On a cold December morning… Caro sets off to find the truth: has her relationship with her father been based on a lifetime of lies?
Cammy can’t wait to surprise the woman he loves with a proposal. All he needs is the perfect ring.
Lila can no longer hide her secret. She has to tell her lover’s wife about their affair.
After thirty years, Bernadette knows it’s time. She’s ready to leave her controlling husband… and never look back.

Over the course of twenty-four hours, four lives are about to change forever…

Sophie Sayers’ plans for a cosy English country Christmas are quickly brought to an end when her ex-boyfriend storms onto the scene. And things are about to get messier when a baby, abandoned in the manger, disappears in plain sight. Before long, the whole village stands accused of murder. But Sophie knows there’s one man she most definitely suspects. Can she uncover the truth?

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