Saga Egmont & Cappelen Damm Agency Join Forces: Introducing Lars Saabye Christensen’s Masterpieces to Icelandic Readers 

This strategic alliance marks an exciting milestone as it brings forth the award-winning works of Lars Saabye Christensen to Icelandic readers in their native language. 

The collaboration initiated by Saga Egmont Rights Manager, Adam Atos Conti, kicked off in the beginning of 2024 with a resounding success from its first Icelandic release. “The Half Brother” by Lars Saabye Christensen quickly climbed up to be a digital bestseller in Iceland shortly after being published in Icelandic. It has been positively embraced by readers for its captivating narrative and sophisticated translation that does justice to the original prose. 

Modern book formats for today’s readers

This partnership shows how Egmont Books, due to its different companies, focus, and specialization, can help today’s authors reach a global audience. 

“And this is our raison d’être; Ultimately creating new business opportunities and introducing or re-introducing the remarkable authors in the Egmont Books family to new demographics of readers. People of today are world citizens; they listen to K-pop, get inspired by Tik-Tok, wear the same fashion all over the globe. To stay relevant as a publisher of today, our mission must be to connect authors to the world’s reading audiences. Today we celebrate that we’ve connected Lars Saabye Christensen to his Icelandic fans, and we can’t wait to share more great news about our upcoming publications later this year.”

says Lasse Korsemann Horne, Managing Director of Saga Egmont.

“It almost feels like coming home again”, says Lars Saabye Christensen regarding the opportunity to connect to his Icelandic audience. From Cappelen Damm Agency, the manager, Ingvild Haugland Blatt, says that she is thrilled to see the authorship of this important contemporary Norwegian author once again available in Iceland. 

Recently, Saga closed deals regarding major international authors such as Ken Follett, Danielle Steel and Raymond E. Feist. Readers in various markets can look forward to new issues of the great works from these authors in the upcoming years. 

Lars Saabye Christensen publications in Iceland under this agreement currently include: 

  • ‘Hálfbróðirinn’ (‘The Half Brother’) released January 11th, 2024. 
  • ‘Hermann’ released January 12th, 2024. 
  • ‘Módelið’ (‘The Model’) to be released in spring 2024. 

About Lars Saabye Christensen

Lars Saabye Christensen (born 1953) has, since his debut in 1976, published a wide range of collections of poems and short stories, novels, and plays. He achieved literary breakthrough with the generational novel “Beatles” (1984), which holds classic status in Norway. The ambitious novel “The Half Brother” (2001) won the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2002. With “The Half Brother”, Lars Saabye Christensen solidified his position as one of Norway’s greatest contemporary authors. 

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