February Catalogue Highlights


New releases for February includes cosy crime, family life fiction, crime & mystery, and literary fiction – Something for every listener.

  • The series has sold over 50.000 units. – ‘Death at the River’ by Valentina Morellli
  •  Over 5000 reviews on Amazon. – ‘The Langstone Murders’ by ‘Pauline Rowson
  • Over 60,000 units sold across Danish, Swedish and German languages . – ‘The Mystery at the Second-Hand Shop’ by Anna Grue
  • Bestselling author Debbie Young is ideal for fans of Richard Osman, Katie Gayle, and Catherine Coles. – ‘Murder At The Well’ by Debbie Young

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Old Gaetano and his faithful St. Bernard Caesar are welcome guests at Santa Caterina. But one day Carabiniere Matteo finds the amiable drifter in his construction trailer by the river – beaten to death in cold blood!

The village is stunned – who would do such a terrible thing to such a kind person? And where did the dog go? Sister Isabella is also deeply affected when she hears about the murder. Along with Matteo, she follows the tracks. And discovers that Gaetano was not who he claimed to be…

Meet Detective Inspector Andy Horton. It’s his second day back in Portsmouth’s CID and things aren’t going well.

Eight months ago, Horton was suspended for misconduct. Then the young woman who accused him went missing and the charges were dropped, but his personal and professional lives are still a mess.

On his morning run along an isolated stretch of beach, he stumbles across a dead man. Stark-naked and bludgeoned to death. And it doesn’t look good when a detective under suspicion of misconduct is the one to find a dead body. His colleagues don’t want him on the case.

But when another body turns up with the same cause of death, a clue makes Horton suspect he might be the next person in the killer’s sights.

Follow Mrs. Mortensen as she pokes her nose into the mysterious events that start to happen – if the police don’t want to do their job properly, it’s almost a social duty to help them!

A woman is brutally murdered at a luxury spa resort, and it’s the retiree Anne-Maj Mortensen, who finds the body. While attending rehab for a knee operation and, stocked up with pain killers, she starts doing her own investigation which doesn’t exactly please the local police. Shortly thereafter another murder is committed, and Anne-Maj manages to wiggle her way even deeper into the case.

But is it wise to mess with a murderer when you can barely walk?

Two boys, one struggle. A new family, an uncovered secret.

Tommy and Ryan are as different as they come. Tommy is a young offender, he’s tough and he’s cool. Ryan is a good student, well-behaved, and definitely not cool. Forced to become a family, the two discover their shared dyslexia and develop an unlikely friendship.

As Ryan helps Tommy to read, a secret is revealed that will change their lives forever.

A romantic Valentine’s evening at The Bluebird turns into a murder mystery when a dead body plummets to the bottom of the village well.

There are no witnesses, but surely in a community where everyone knows each other’s business, the murderer can’t stay hidden for long?

Sophie doesn’t think so, and she’s on the case, determined to restore peace to the idyllic Cotswold village once more.

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